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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Individually or nationally


The principles of Gipsy

nationality--Gipsies like Free-masons 456 Gipsydom is not a creed, but a work stamped by Providence on the heart of the tribe 457 Blood, language, a cast of mind, and signs specially constitute the Gipsy nationality 457 The possession of a special religion not necessary to constitute a people distinct from others 457 The same principle illustrated in races, clans, families, or individuals, living in the same community 458 The existence of the Gipsies is natural, it resembles that of the Jews; neither is miraculous 458 Philosophical historians on the existence of the Jews since the dispersion 458 By what human means can Jews cease to be Jews, individually or nationally? 459 A writer on the Christian Evidences, in describing the existence of the Jews, gambles away revelation 459 His language on the subject of the Jews very applicable to the existence of the Gipsies 459 No outward difference between many Gipsy and native Scotch 460 How Scottish Gipsies deport themselves on meeting--Civilised and _bush_ Gipsies
460 The general difference between Gipsy and native Scotch people 461 A mixed Gipsy has sometimes "various bloods" to contend for 461 What Scottish Gipsies think of their ancestors and language 462 The Scottish Gipsies, as they acquire education, become superior in character 462 The children of civilised and barbarous Gipsies compared 463 The singular position of the Gipsies, from generation to generation, and century to century 464 How the gulf between the Gipsies and the native race is to be bridged 465 The Gipsies, on their arrival in Europe, were barbarous, like other races 465 A superior Scottish Gipsy in 1540, and 1840 466 The Gipsies never were a nomadic race, in the ordinary sense of the word 466 General description of the occupations and characters of the original Gipsies 467 The superior characters of the early Scottish Gipsy chiefs--Their treatment by the natives 467 The character of a superior Spanish Gipsy, in 1584, _n_468 Mixture of "the blood" on arrival, 468--Intermarriages under certain circumstances 469 The plans of the Gipsies to secure their position in the country--Illegitimate children 469 The attachment of Jewesses and Gipsies to their respective races 470 The protection of the Baillies, of Lamington, to the Gipsies of that name

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