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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

As distinguished from objectionable habits



Two Gipsies pardoned through the intercession of the Duchess of Gordon 470 Scotland became the home of the tribe, as much as that of the ordinary natives 471 Effects of the mixture of Gipsy blood--Intermarriages among natives of different ranks 472 The census need not be consulted for the number of the Gipsy population 472 How the Jewish race is perpetuated--Their religion of secondary importance 473 Christian Jews--Their feelings of nationality--No prejudices against them, or civilized Gipsies 474 The rearing of Gipsies and Jews, in what respect they resemble each other 475 The Gipsies stand towards religions, as Christianity does towards races 475 The purity of Jewish blood a figment, 475--What may be termed a "pure Jew" 477 The relative positions of Jews and Gipsies: Gipsies troublesome, but not scoffers at religion 477 The want of a religion among the Gipsies--Their feelings in regard thereto
478 The ways of Scottish Gipsies and Highland Scotch 478 Scottish Gipsies are British subjects--Their romantic descent 479 Tacitus' account of the destruction of the Druids, in the island of Anglesey _n_479 The weak position of the Gipsies--Jewish and Gipsy literature 480 The being a Gipsy, as distinguished from objectionable habits, immaterial to the world 481 The probable result of the word Gipsy being as much respected as it is now despised 481 The Gipsies originally a wandering, tented tribe, with habits peculiar to itself 481 The difficulties in the way of the tribe becoming settled and civilized 482 The manner in which the Gipsies gradually acquire honest habits 482 Public sympathy for the Gipsies, in preference to the Jews 483 No prejudice should be entertained for well-behaved Gipsies 484 The Jews are disliked, and are, to a certain extent, strangers everywhere 484 They are rebels against Heaven--"Which of the prophets have they not persecuted?" 484 The interest of the Christian in their history--Their crucifixion of the Messiah--How they treat his mission 485 Their antagonistic position towards every people and religion, 486--Their personal characters 487 The destruction of Jerusalem confirmed the Jews in the idea that theirs was a scattered people 487 The existence of the Jews, since the dispersion, not in itself wonderful 488 The Jew's nationality is everywhere--His

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