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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson


aversion to forsake

his own race or community 488 The Jews are a race--A Christian Jewish church possible--Its position and aspects 488 The present position of Christian Jews, 488--The relation of a Christian Jewish Church to the Mosaic law 489 The scriptural idea of a Messiah--Christian Jews _incog._--The conversion of Jews generally 489 It is no elevated regard for Moses that prevents Jews entertaining the claims of Jesus Christ 490 But rather the phenomena connected with the history of their race 490 The Jews exist under a spell--The prophecy of Moses regarding the Gipsies _n_491 The Jews are not apt to notice the present work _n_491 The population of the Gipsies scattered over the world 491 How the laws passed against the Gipsies were generally rendered nugatory 492 Grellmann's estimate--The probable number of Gipsies in Europe and America 493 The population of the Jews scattered over the world _n_493 Christians delude the Jews in regard to the existence of their race being a miracle
493 The Jew's idea of the existence of his race is the greatest bar to his conversion to Christianity 494 The "mixed multitude" of the Exodus was doubtless the origin of the Gipsies 494 The meaning of Gamaliel's advice--St. Paul before the Jewish council _n_494 The history of the Gipsies and the Jews greatly illustrate each other 496 The distinction between an Englishman and an English Jew 496 Persecutions of races generally--How to prevent a Gipsy being a Gipsy 496 Tacitus on the religion of slaves _n_496 Birth and rearing constitute Jews, Gipsies, and Gentiles 497 Christian Jews persecuted by their own race--The Disraeli and Cappadoce families 497 Christianity was not intended, nor is it capable, to destroy the nationality of Jews 498 The Jew may be crossed out by intermarriage--The Gipsy absorbs other races 498 Gipsies and Jews have each a peculiarly original and distinct soul of nationality 499 Each race maintains its identity in the world, and may be said to be even eternal 499 Comparison and contrast between Gipsies and Jews 499 The existence

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