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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson


of the Jews, like that of

the Gipsies, rests upon a question of people 501 The religion or the Jews, 501--Their idea of a Messiah 502 Difference between Judaism and Christianity 502 The position of Jews towards Christianity and other religions 502 The persecutions of Jews and Gipsies--The extent of a Gipsy's wants 502 The Jews show little regard for their religion, when tolerated and well treated 503 The prejudice against Jews--Their ideas of their race, as distinguished from others 503 The treatment of Christians by Jews 504 What has the Jew got to say to this subject generally? 504 The philosophy of the Gipsies--Popular ideas in regard to them--A mental phenomenon 505 A regard to facts--The Gipsy language--Two races living on the same soil 506 The Gipsies hide their race--The kind of them that should be despised 506 John Bunyan a Gipsy, whose blood was mixed 507 All the Gipsies tinkers, either literally, figuratively, or representatively
507 Lord Macaulay on Bunyan: "the tinkers a hereditary caste" 507 In what respect are the tinkers a _native_ "hereditary caste?" 507 Characters in Mr. Borrow's Lavengro and Romany Rye--English Gipsies 508, _n_509 Prejudice against Gipsies--The legal responsibility--the Act of Queen Elizabeth 510 Bunyan's tribe--His great desire to ascertain whether he was an Israelite 510 A Gipsy family (809-818) that illustrates that of Bunyan 511 The reason why Bunyan imagined he was a Jew 511 The Jews not then tolerated in England--The curiosity of the Gipsies regarding the Jews 511 Southey on tinkering and Bunyan's education--Bunyan had doubtless a Gipsy pass 512 The Dublin University Magazine on Bunyan's nationality 512 The philosophy of race, and the prejudice of caste against the Gipsies 513 Justice Keeling threatens to have Bunyan hanged for preaching _n_513 Bunyan a Gipsy beyond question--Lord Macaulay on the Pilgrim's Progress 514 Religious writers averse to it being said that Bunyan was a Gipsy 514 Sir Walter Scott and Mr. George Offor on Bunyan's tribe or nationality 515 Bunyan's nationality unacknowledged, owing to popular ignorance and prejudice 515 Southey on Bunyan's family and fame--The popularity of the Pilgrim's Progress 516 Bunyan's reserve--His friends and enemies--He cannot get justice done to him 517 Bunyan and the Gipsy language--He

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