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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

And not necessarily low or vulgar


was perhaps capable of

writing in it 517 The prejudice of the present day--Bunsen on sound judgment and shallow minds _n_518 The world should feel relieved by it being shown that Bunyan was a Gipsy 518 Bunyan's pedigree--He had very probably no English blood in his veins 518 The world claims Bunyan as a man; England, the formation of his character 519 Bunyan's biographers unjust to his memory--His general as well as moral character 519 Though pious and peaceable, he yet repelled slanders with indignation 520 The style of Bunyan's language indicates the Gipsy in some degree 520 The indignities cast upon Bunyan--The way in which he treated them 521 Remarks upon Bunyan's enemies, who professed themselves to be servants of Christ _n_521 The prejudice of caste in Great Britain exists against the Gipsies exclusively 521 The day is gone by when it cannot
be said who John Bunyan was 523 Scantiness of information in Mr. Borrow's works on the subject of the Gipsies 523 American people are not expected to indulge in the popular prejudice against the Gipsies 524 American religious journals decline to entertain the question: "Was John Bunyan a Gipsy?" 525 The peculiarities of Scottish people unfavourable to the Gipsies owning themselves up in Scotland 525 The nature of Scottish quarrelsomeness, 526--The classes favourable and unfavourable to the Gipsies 527 A "model Scot," after his kind, 528--No one in particular to blame for the position occupied by the Gipsies 529 The Gipsy subject interesting, and not necessarily low or vulgar, though more or less barbarous 529 The wild Gipsies should be reached indirectly--Their high opinion of themselves 529 John Bunyan's celebrity--His name of great use in raising up that of the Gipsies 530 A little judgment is necessary in dealing with wild or any kind of Gipsies 530 The peculiar sensations felt in coming in contact with wild Gipsies 531 Gipsies are Gipsies to the last drop of the original blood 532 The history of the Gipsies a singular work of Providence 532 It would have been a miracle had the Jews been lost among mankind 533 What a miracle is--The existence of the Jews is in exact harmony with every natural law 533 A prophecy of Moses regarding a people who are to provoke and anger the Jews 533 A thousand years hence the Gipsies will be found existing in the world 534 A word or two to the Gipsies, and especially the Scottish Gipsies 534 A word or two to the Church, and people generally: "Was John Bunyan

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