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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

If she loses her bill of divorce


a Gipsy?"

535 The reason why we know so little about the Gipsies 536 A word or two to some of the critics 537 A criticism on the present work, while in prospect 537 DISRAELI, the present, a Jew, though a Christian 497 DIVORCE CEREMONIES OF THE GIPSIES, AND SACRIFICE OF HORSES. The Gipsies not licentious in their personal morals--They are strict with their wives, in the matter of chastity 266 Divorces among the Gipsies are attended with much grief and mourning 267 Natural that the Gipsies should have as singular a form of divorce as that of marriage 267 The nature of sacrifices--Their universality among mankind 267 Why was the Gipsy sacrifice of the horse not known in Scotland before? 267 The Gipsies have a great affection for the horse--They will not eat of that animal _n_268 Writers have made no discovery, among the Gipsies, of a religious nature 268 The Gipsy sacrifice of the horse a proof that the people come from Hindostan 268 The idea of Gipsies being Tartars strengthened by their sacrifice
of the horse 269 Other nations who have sacrificed horses--The Jews in the time of Josiah _n_269 Popular tradition, among the natives, that Gipsies separated over dead horses 270 Instances accidentally and partially noticed by the natives 270 "Patricos" performed ceremonies over dead horses, in England, prior to 1674 271 Preliminary remarks on the sacrifice of horses--"The sun must be at its height" 271 A description of the ceremony of sacrifice and divorce 272 The horse considered in the place of the woman, 272--Sometimes both are sacrificed 273 The woman dismissed, with a bill of divorce--The husband and his friends then eat the heart of the horse 274 The husband may marry again, but the wife never 274 Her fate, if she loses her bill of divorce, or passes herself off as never having been married 274 Spanish Gipsy widows, according to Dr. Bright _n_274 A Gipsy, in a passion, shoots his horse, and performs the ceremony of divorce, forthwith 274 The sacrifice of the horse observed by the Gipsies in Russia 275 They do it in the woods, under night, for fear of the police 275 The Gipsies, of Yetholm, knock down their asses, when they separate from their wives 276 The sacrifice of the horse in ancient India, known as the _Assummeed Jugg_ 276 The explanation of the mystic meaning contained in that sacrifice 277 The very acme and enthusiasm of allegory in an Asiatic genius 279 The ancient Hindoo sacrifice of the horse and the scape-goat of the Jews

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