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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

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279 The Gipsy and ancient Hindoo sacrifice of the horse compared 279 Both offered to the sun--Travelling Gipsies change their names at noon 280 Robert Southey and Colonel Tod on the sacrifice of the horse in India 280 The sacrifice of the horse by the Gipsies, a proof that the people came from India 280 DRESS OF THE GIPSIES 43, 77, 79, 108, 116, 129, 145, 149, 154, 157, 162, 171, 177, 182, 186, 197, 202, 209, 213, 214 DRUIDS, destruction of the, in the Island of Anglesey _n_479 DUBLIN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE. The number of words sufficient for every-day use, in any language _n_432 Bunyan's nationality: "Was John Bunyan a Gipsy?" 512 EDINBURGH REVIEW, The, on the purity of Gipsy blood--Mr. Borrow's "Gipsies in Spain" 374 EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION. The discovery and history of barbarous races illustrate the history of man, and natural and revealed religion 27 Barbarism within, and barbarism without, the circle of civilization 27 The Gipsies an anomaly in the history of civilization, and merit great consideration
27 European civilization progressive, and homogeneous in its nature 28 Asiatic civilization stationary and, in some countries, divided into castes 28 The nature of caste in India 28 The natives of certain parts of Oceanic Asia 29 The condition of the most original kind of Gipsies, in Great Britain--Their secrecy 29 Description of Gipsy life in England, by Dr. Bright 30 The first appearance of the Gipsies in Europe--Attempts at elucidating their history 31 The political state of Europe at the beginning of the fifteenth century 31 The great schism in the church--Three Popes reigning at one time 32 The educational end social condition of Europe about that time 33 The manner in which the Gipsies stole into Europe 35 The influx of the Greeks into Europe--The literary pursuits of the age, 37--English travellers 38 The Gipsies not Sudras--Timour--The Gipsies at Samarcand previous to his invasion of India 39 The Gipsies did not obtain the name of Egyptians from others, as Mr. Borrow supposes 39 The Gipsies are not the Egyptians mentioned by the Prophet Ezekiel 40 What misleads writers in their ideas that the Gipsies are not Egyptians 41 The relative position borne by the early Gipsies to the various classes of society 41 The travelling Gipsies much fallen below those of the olden times 43 The dread always entertained for the tribe, 44--Fire-raising and child-stealing 45 The Gipsies frighten

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