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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson


children, 46--And act as police,

or scare- crows, for farmers 47 The ferocity of Gipsy women, 47--Sir Walter Scott's recollections of the original of Meg Merrilies 48 The intercourse between the tribe and the farmers, in pastoral districts 48 The timidity of the Gipsies, when accosted under certain circumstances 49 Comparison between Africans, in America, and the Gipsy race generally 50 Some of the causes of the isolation of the Gipsies from the rest of the world 51 The history of the Gipsies somewhat illustrated by that of the American Indians 53 The prejudice against Africans and Gipsies contrasted 54 EDITOR'S PREFACE. When this work should have been published--It has been brought down to the present time 5 Inducements to hazard a publication of it at one time 5 Sir Walter Scott's judicious advice regarding the publication of the work 5 The abuse of reviewers and the ire of wandering Egyptians deprecated 5
Mr. Borrow's publications since this work was written 6 Scottish Church Gipsy mission--Scottish Gipsy clergyman of eminence 6 The Gipsies have encreased since the peace of 1815, but have retired from observation 6 The reason for this work being published in America--Popular prejudice against the Gipsies 6 Scottish antiquaries--Their apathy and contempt for the subject of the Gipsies _n_7 The present work illustrates the Gipsies everywhere--The subject hardly known to the world 7 Tinkler the name generally applied to the Scottish Gipsies--tinker a Gipsy word _n_7 The subject interesting--Observation necessary to solve the problem 8 Professor Wilson travels with the Gipsies--The author's associations with them 8 The nomadic Gipsies only a part of the race, 8--The blood of the tribe much mixed--Causes thereof 8 Persecutions--Children stolen and incorporated with the tribe--Mr. Borrow's remarks thereon _n_9 Prejudices against the Gipsies--Their

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