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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Burnet's allusion to English Gipsies


love of race and language

10 The primitive state of the tribe--Causes and manner of leaving the tent 10 Associations after leaving the tent, and feelings towards the community 11 Their resentment of the popular prejudice--Their boast of ancestry 11 Ideas and feelings of the natives, 12--The Gipsy's love of language--His associations 13 Speculations on the origin of the Gipsies, 13--They are the "mixed multitude" of the Exodus 14 Mode of escape from Egypt, 17--Entrance into India, and formation of their character as s people 21 Their present language acquired in India--Mr. Borrow's remarks on its antiquity 23 The philosophy of the preservation of the Gipsy language in Europe till now 23 Sir Walter Scott's intended account of the Gipsies--The difficulty as to their language 25 He urges the publication of the present work--Its character as a history of the tribe 25 It is a contribution towards the filling up of a void in literature
25 EDUCATION AMONG THE GIPSIES 65, 125, 248, 254, 303, 364, 369 EGYPT. The Gipsies originated in, 14, 39--They are the "mixed multitude" of the Exodus 14, 494 ENGLISH GIPSIES. Their arrival about the year 1512--A description of them in a work, published in 1612 90 Act of 22d Henry VIII.--Burnet's allusion to English Gipsies, in 1549, 91 Act of 27th Henry VIII.--A fine of forty pounds for every Gipsy imported 91 Act of Queen Elizabeth--Felony for strangers to associate with the Gipsies 92 Last of the executions under Charles II.--The Gipsies still liable under the Vagrant Act 92 Number of Gipsies in England during the time of Queen Elizabeth 92 Estimate of their present number, by Mr. Hoyland, and a member of parliament 92 Author's remarks, and editor's comments thereon _n_93 Mr. Borrow's description of the English Gipsies, and the English dialect spoken by them _n_93 English Gipsies travel in Scotland--A description of a camp of them 93 Adventure of a Scotchman among the Gipsies in England 95 Crime among the English Gipsies--Report on the prisons in Northumberland 96 Sketch of an English Gipsy family arriving in Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott

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