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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

361 fife and stirlingshire gipsies



AMONG THE GIPSIES 85, 119, 133, 143, 201, 513 FALLS, Merchants, of Dunbar, Gipsies 108, 237-241, 251, 252, 406 Will Faa, the Gipsy king, claims them as his relatives _n_238, 251 FARMERS. Their property protected by the Gipsies 47, 363, 434 How they sometimes treat the Gipsies 48, 55, 56, 187, _n_179, 220, 221, 226, 242, 361 FIFE AND STIRLINGSHIRE GIPSIES. The county of Fife contained, at one time, a great many nomadic Gipsies 140 The tribe, at one time, possessed a foundry near St. Andrews, called "Little Carron" 140 Lochgellie Gipsies more particularly described 140 Description of Lochgellie and other places, illustrative of Gipsy quarters, in olden times 140 Description of Falkland "scrapies" _n_140 Principal names of Lochgellie Gipsies and their connexions 141 The tribe feared all over the shires of Fife, Kinross, Perth, Angus, and Aberdeen 141 Old Charles Graham--"The auld thing again, my lord, but nae proof" 142 His wife banished to Botany Bay--Marries a Gipsy there, and returns rich
142 Young Charles Graham apprehended--His irritation at the crowd staring at him--He steals a farmer's horse, sells it, steals it again, and returns it to the original owner, 142--Robs a factor, and gives the money to a needy widow--He is apparently penitent at the gallows, 143--But kicks off his shoes, and addresses the people 144 Hugh Graham stabbed by John Young, who is hunted like a fox, before he is apprehended 145 Jenny Graham leaves her protector, to follow the gang, and take care of its stolen articles 145 Margaret Graham, a woman of uncommon bodily strength 145 John Young, who stabbed Hugh Graham, although five feet ten inches in height, is called by his mother, "The dwarf o' a' my bairns" 145 Peter Young, a generous man--He breaks out of many prisons before he is hanged 145 Old John Young, on being asked where his sons were, replied, "They are all hanged" 145 Charles Brown, killed in a Gipsy battle at Raploch, near Stirling 147 Alexander Brown steals and carries off an ox in disguise 148 Billy Marshall robs the Laird of Bargally, and saves an innocent man from the gallows _n_148 He is nearly frightened out of his wits, under very ludicrous circumstances _n_148 Alexander Brown's capture and audacious escape--His style when in full dress, 149--His disguise as a mounted man of quality, 150--His capture by Highlanders, and desperate resistance, and execution 151 Martha, mother of Alexander Brown, steals sheets while attending his execution 152 William Brown is run down by the military--His

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