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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Very respectable in his appearance and character


threatened rescue by the

tribe--He sets fire to the jail, but is put in irons by a soldier--His execution 152 Lizzie Brown, in a Gipsy fray--"In the middle o' the meantime, where's my nose?" 153 The connexions of the Gipsies, and the ramifications of their society 153 Charles Stewart--His royal blood, style of dress, and audacity of conduct 153 Grellmann's description of the attire of a Gipsy _n_154 The unabashed hardihood of Gipsies in the face of suspicion _n_155 Jamie Robertson, a great musician--He resents an imagined affront to an absent friend 155 His wife sentenced to Botany Bay, but, owing to her advanced age, set at liberty 156 Joyce Robertson's daring robbery while in prison--His deliberate escape--He steals a watch, and has the crowd at his heels 156 Charles Wilson, very respectable in his appearance and character, as a horse-dealer, 157--Received and vended stolen goods through the country--Was chief of his tribe, and, as such, issued passes, 158--He returns money stolen from a young countryman--Becomes reduced to poverty in his old age, and dies in full communion with the church
161 Charles Wilson's daughters--One of them kept by an Adjutant--Their disguises and pilferings--The Brae Laird of Kinross-shire 162 Stirlingshire Gipsies contributed their full share to the gallows 163 The Gipsies a predatory tribe originally--Two kinds of them at the present day 164 Other people robbers besides the Gipsies--Spartans, Abyssinians, Moors, East Indians, Coords, Kamtschadales, Scotch _n_164 Training of the Gipsies to theft by the women, 167--A Gipsy picks a countryman's pocket with great dexterity 168 Thieves formed into bands--Modes of operation, and division of the spoil 169 Vidocq on the pilfering habits of the Continental Gipsies _n_169 Male Gipsies cut purses with palms, the females with rings 170 Mode of thieving among the Gipsies in Hungary 171 A magistrate, in the West of Fife, locks up the Gipsies during the fair 171 Stylish habits of the Gipsies at the inn or the North Queensferry 171 Fashionable cavalcade of female Gipsies departing from the ferry 173 Intimacy between the boatmen and their friends--"The lads that take the purses" 173 Trick of a gillie of a Gipsy horse-dealer, played upon an Highlander 173 Counterfeiting--An audacious Gipsy counterfeiter 174 The Gipsies not murderers--They are accurate in their journeys and halting places 175 Pursuit, capture, escape, and recapture of a Gipsy murderer 176 Indecent trick of a Gipsy woman to obtain clothes from the natives 177 A handsomely dressed female Gipsy, from gratitude, saves a native from destruction 177 Old Will of Phaup's five years' war with the Gipsies _n_179 Gipsy Dances--Charles Stewart, 179--George Drummond--Gipsy dance at Moscow 180 Afghan

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