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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

259 Sacrifice of the horse


dance _n_181--George Drummond a singular Gipsy 181 James Robertson, his wife, and sisters dance like bacchanalians 182 Occupations, amusements, cock-fighting, dress, and generous habits of the Gipsies 182 The Gipsies sometimes attend church, and baptize their own children 183 Their disputes with clergymen on points of morals--Government-- division of property 183 A landed gentleman went off with the Gipsies, 183--His daughters common Gipsies 184 FIGHTING AMONG THE GIPSIES--(_See also Battles._) 125, 144, 188, _n_193, _n_195, 206, 215, 253 FLETCHER OF SALTOUN on Scottish vagabonds, in 1680 _n_111, _n_417 FORTUNE-TELLING. Fortune-telling women frighten the natives of the other sex 47 _See Tweed-dale Gipsies_ 228-231 Fortune-telling in America--_See Disquisition on the Gipsies_ 422 FREEMASONRY AND THE GIPSIES 12, _n_360, _n_387, 456 GENTOO CODE OF LAWS IN ANCIENT INDIA. Division of plunder among thieves 165 The elder married before the younger, 259--Sacrifice of the horse, 268--The scape-goat among the Jews 279 GERMANS, how they become lost in the population of Great Britain and America 454 GERMANY, Gipsy bands in 79 GITANO, modification of the term _n_115 GORDON, THE DUCHESS OF, saves two Gipsies from the gallows 470 GOVERNMENT AMONG THE GIPSIES 78, _n_103, 183, 187, 216, 253, _n_256, 422 GRATITUDE OF THE GIPSIES FOR OTHER PEOPLE 68, 130, 138, 155, 164, 177, 187, 198, 211, 222, 225, 241, 360, 434, 483 GRELLMANN. Children frightened by the Gipsies _n_46, 75 On the destiny of the French Gipsies 76, 492 He divides the Gipsies in Transylvania into four classes, 74--The population of the Gipsies 77, 493 Gipsy government, 78--Attire, _n_154--Plundering, 171--Fighting _n_193 Gipsies under and after punishment _n_204 The habit of Gipsy women after childbirth _n_227 Gipsy working in iron--Gipsy smiths in Hungary _n_234 The Gipsies will eat of any animal but a horse _n_268 The secrecy of the Gipsies in the matter of their language _n_281 The Gipsy language unintelligible to the common natives _n_298 On the education of Hungarian Gipsies _n_303 The origin of the idea that the Gipsies came from India 329 On the variations in the Gipsy language in different countries _n_339 How the Gipsies resist the extremes of the weather _n_354 The circumstances under which Gipsy women are confined

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