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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

The Gipsies supposed to originate in 18


_n_357 The physical

properties of the Gipsy race _n_358 Gipsies as soldiers, _n_359--As spies _n_360 The religion of the Gipsies, _n_366--Their civilization _n_367 On the colour and appearance of Gipsies who change their habits _n_377 The natural capacity of Gipsies, 398--Gipsy ingratitude 435 Gipsies "always merry and blithe" 483 HALE, SIR MATTHEW. His touching interview with Bunyan's wife _n_313 He mentions the execution of thirteen Gipsies, at the Suffolk assizes _n_513 HATRED OF THE GIPSIES FOR OTHER PEOPLE 63, 130, 164, 177 _See Disquisition_ 433-436 HEBER, BISHOP, notices the Gipsies in India, Persia, Russia, and England. 77 HINDOSTAN, the Gipsies supposed to originate in 18, 38, 40, 65, 268, 280, 329, 339 HOGG, JAMES. Motto--_Title page._ He notices a Gipsy scuffle and murder in Blackwood's Magazine 216 He says that Lochmaben is "stocked" with Gipsies _n_381 HOYLAND, JOHN. The religious character of the Gipsies 73 The capacity of the early Gipsies, _n_99--English Gipsy surnames
_n_219 Baillie Smith, of Kelso--Report on the Yetholm Gipsies 245 The difficulty in Gipsies acquiring settled habits _n_368 Mr. George Offor says he was led captive by a Gipsy girl _n_380 HUGUENOTS introduced into England and America 455 HUME, BARON. Scots acts of 1608, and 1609, against the Gipsies 111 Executions among the Gipsies, under these sanguinary laws 117, _n_418 Trial of two Gipsies, in 1786, 189--Baillie, in 1714, 204--And Pinkerton, in 1726 207 He would make the black eyes evidence against the Gipsies 341 HUNGARIANS, past and present, 413--They know nothing of their origin 495 HURD, DR. The appearance of the Gipsies when they first arrived in Paris 70 The Gipsies called spies of the Turks _n_72 Marriage customs among the Russians, and Christians of Mesopotamia and Chaldea _n_262 IMPROVEMENT OF THE GIPSIES 364, 367, 415, 436, 440, 443, 445, 529, 534 INTRODUCTION. Attention directed towards the Gipsies by the publication of Guy Mannering 55 The classes interested--A mission founded by the Scottish Church among the Gipsies 55 Articles sent to Blackwood's Magazine--Letters from Mr. Blackwood 56 Article by Sir Walter Scott on the Buckhaven fishermen--The zeal of an antiquary _n_57 Letters from Sir Walter Scott, and William Laidlaw 58-61 The Scottish Gipsies a branch of the same tribe to be found in every country 61 Comparisons between the Gipsies and Jews--The Jews' letters to Voltaire

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