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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

Without any necessary outward peculiarities


Gipsies, without any necessary

outward peculiarities, have yet a nationality, like the Jews 447, 457 The mixture of Gipsy and Jewish blood--A Jewish Gipsy possible 451 In what respect the existence of the Gipsies differs from that of the Jews 458 Philosophical historians on the existence of the Jews since the dispersion 458 No analogy between the Jews and any other people but the Gipsies 459 A Christian writer on the existence of the Jews since the dispersion 459 His description thereof, though erroneous, very applicable to the Gipsies 460 The attachment of Jewesses and Gipsies to their respective races 470 How the Jewish race is perpetuated--Religion of secondary importance 473 Jewish Christians--Their feelings of nationality, and social position 474 The rearing of Gipsies resembles that of Jews--The purity of Jewish blood a figment 475 Half-blood Jews sometimes follow the synagogue, and sometimes the Christian church 476 Many Jews who are not known to the world as such 477
Jewish physiognomy--What may be termed a "pure Jew" 477 The relative position of Jews and Gipsies 477-480 The Jews have a church, a history, and a literature 480 Public sympathy for the Gipsies, in preference to the Jews 483 The philosophy of the existence of the Jews since the dispersion _See Disquisition on the Gipsies_ 484-505 John Bunyan asked himself whether he was of the Israelites 511 The Jews readmitted into England, under Cromwell--Manasseh Ben Israel 511 The natural curiosity of the Gipsies regarding the Jews 511 The Gipsies have existed, in Europe, a greater length of time than the Jews dwelt in Egypt 532 It would have been a miracle had the Jews been lost among mankind 533 A prophecy of Moses regarding a people who are to provoke and anger the Jews _n_491, 533 LAIDLAW, WILLIAM. His letter to the author, 58--A Gipsy "blowing up," alluded to by him 65, 309 LANGUAGE OF THE GIPSIES. The love of Gipsies for their language, 10, 13--They keep it a profound secret 12, 13, 25 It is for the most part Hindostanee--Mr. Borrow's remarks on its antiquity 23 The philosophy of the preservation of the Gipsy language 24, 406, 433

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