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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

But expresses great surprise


The Scottish Gipsies very

reserved and tenacious in the matter of their language 281 Its existence, but as slang, scarcely credited by people of the greatest intelligence 281 Grellmann, Bright, and Borrow on the difficulties in acquiring the Gipsy language _n_281 The Gipsies have excellent memories, but shuffle when bored by people of whom they expect money _n_282 The causes of the reserve among the Scottish Gipsies: 1st. The sanguinary laws. 2d. The popular prejudice. 3d. Their natural secrecy 282 A Scottish Gipsy works all his life in a shop, and no one discovers him to be a Gipsy 283 Two Gipsy women nearly killed by colliers, for not explaining the meaning of two Gipsy words 283 As the Gipsies become civilized, they avoid intercourse with the barbarous part of the race _n_283 The Scottish peasantry, in some places, do not greatly despise the Gipsies _n_284 The use of the Gipsy language in markets--The pride of the people as linguists 284 Seven years' trouble in getting a Gipsy woman to own up to her language
284 She is afraid the public would treat her with horror and contempt, for knowing the language 285 The character of Spanish Gipsy women, according to Mr. Borrow _n_285 A Gipsy woman maintains she was speaking Latin, when discovered conversing in Gipsy 285 The general difficulties in the way of acquiring the Gipsy language 286 The way in which the author learned what he knew of the Gipsy language 286 How the use of Gipsy affected the tribe--Ludicrous scenes 287 How old Gipsy women were affected--"You are no gentleman, sir, otherwise you would not insult us in that way" 288 A woman, in a dreadful passion, threatens the author with apprehension, as the head of a band of thieves, for asking her, if her _chavo_ (son) was a _chor_ (thief) 288 A female Gipsy "blabs" with the author, but expresses great surprise, when addressed in Gipsy, before a third party 288 These people afraid of the sanguinary laws passed against the tribe 290 Sir Walter Scott's advice in prosecuting an enquiry into the Gipsy language 291 The Scottish Gipsies a branch of the tribe to be found everywhere 291 A Gipsy as distinguished from his language--The race comes before the speech _n_292 An old woman and her two daughters--"No harm in the least, sir, in speaking the Gipsy language" _specimens_ 292 Two girls, of the name of Jamieson--"You gentlemen understand all languages now-a-days" _specimens_ 292 Four or five children--"You are a Gipsy, yourself, sir, or you never

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