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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

What was that you said to them


cant words"

310 The author addresses them in Gipsy--"Preserve me, he kens a' about us!" 310 He enumerates their clan--"Say not another word, but call at ----" 310 The surprise among the natives--"Yon was queer looking wark wi' the Tinklers" 310 An innkeeper ashamed, or afraid, of a customer that is a gentleman 311 A little factory of horn-spoons--"No such language exists, except a few cant words" 311 Gipsy obstinacy--The word "Gipsy" a terror to the tribe--The Gipsy forfeits his promise 311 Laughter from another apartment--The Gipsy starts to his feet, and takes hold of the author--"Farewell, I will know you when I see you again" 311 Revisit to the factory of horn-spoons--The Gipsy ashamed to give his language 312 A promise or secrecy--The Gipsy cheerful, he hesitates, but at last fulfills his oath _specimens_ 312 Circumstances illustrative of the history of the family of John Bunyan _n_313 The Gipsies
a tribe of Ethiopian thieves and robbers, 315--The pronunciation of their speech--It is copious, but not written-- "So long as there exist two Gipsies in Scotland, it will never be lost" 316 Gipsy horse-dealers--"Several thousand in Scotland acquainted with the Gipsy tongue" 316 The children of Gipsies instructed in Gipsy, from their infancy--Their pride in their language 316 The character of an intelligent Gipsy chief 316 The Gipsy sings a song in Gipsy--The Gipsies have doubtless an oral literature _n_317 A great alarm in the family, 317--"Give to the world what had been theirs for 350 years" 318 Smith on the language of the Jews during the captivity--How the Gipsy tribe will relish the present work _n_318 A tinker at Grangemouth--"Yes, the dog is not bad"--"What do you mean? I don't understand you--Yes, the dog is hairy" 319 Thimbling Gipsies--"_Chee, chee,_" (hold your tongue)--"But, sir, what was that you said to them, for they seem afraid?" 319 The author taken for a Thimbler--"I tell ye, woman, the man you spoke to was nothing but one of these villains" _n_321 A Thimbler's sign--"Where can you find a shop without a sign? and where's the other person that gets a sign from the public for nothing?" _n_321 Thimblers' traps, 321--A victim drowns himself 322 Thimblers' conversation--"Bloody swells"--"I will require three men to take care of that boat"

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