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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

And Irish Gipsies speak the same language


323 Is that man a Gipsy?--"Ask himself, sir" 323 An old thimbling Gipsy attempts to inveigle some youths on Arthur's Seat--"Wasn't he a slippery old serpent, after all?" _n_323 The science of thimbling, _n_324--Thimble-riggers, and their ancestry--Ancient Egyptian thimbling _n_325 English, Scottish, and Irish Gipsies speak the same language, and assist each other, when they meet 324 An Irish Gipsy family--An ass bearing a "bundle of bones"-- "Good-day, sir, God bless you" 326 Two Irish Gipsies in court--"Three days, and be banished the town" 326 A Gipsy wife a go-between--"The scoundrel shall lie in prison till the last hour of his sentence" 327 An escape, and a "banishing the town," 327--"A fight for the sake of friendship" _specimens_ 328 A horde of Irish Gipsies--The town-clerk ashamed of his company 328 A Gipsy quizzes his friend--"You will put me out, by speaking to me in that language" _specimens_ 329 Irish Gipsies in Scotland--Their number, appearance, and occupations 329 The origin of the idea that the Gipsies came from India 329 Scottish Gipsy words collated with
vulgar Hindostanee 330 John Lobbs, a low caste native of Bombay, examined _specimens_ 330 Rev. Mr. Crabb's annual Gipsy festival--The Hindostanee and Gipsy languages _n_334 Gipsy words sent to Sir Walter Scott, collated with the Rev. Mr. Baird's collection 334 Scottish Gipsy words that bear a relation to Sanscrit 336 A comparison between Gipsy and various oriental languages 337 The language of the Gipsies mixed--How it has got corrupted 338 Rev. Mr. Baird's remarks thereon--The language of the Gipsies in the Scottish Highlands _n_338 The Sclavonic in the Gipsy language--Variations in the Gipsy of different countries _n_338 The Gipsies supposed to originate in India--The tribe originally thieves and robbers 339 The Nuts, or Bazegurs, supposed to be the parent stock of the Gipsies 339 _See Disquisition on the Gipsies_ 431-433 LINLITHGOWSHIRE GIPSIES. The Gipsies of this county more daring than the other bands in Scotland 123 They take up their quarters near the Bridge of Linlithgow 123 Their sagacity--The district populous--Much business passes through it 124 The names of the tribe--They have no connection with native vagrants 124 Their occupations--Horses, music, feasting,

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