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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

John Bunyan's tribe and nationality


_n_139 LOCHGELLIE once

the headquarters of Gipsies, 140--Description of the neighbourhood, 141--Scenes among the Lochgellie Gipsies 159, 167, 295 LOCHMABEN is said, by James Hogg, to be stocked with Gipsies _n_381 MACAULAY, LORD. John Bunyan's tribe and nationality, 507, 516--The Pilgrim's Progress 514 McLAURIN'S CRIMINAL TRIALS. He speaks of John Faw, "Earl of Little Egypt," as "this peer" 107 On the trial of William Baillie, in 1714, 204--On the mercy shown to James Baillie 213 MARRIAGE CEREMONIES OF THE GIPSIES. The Gipsies all marry young--Few or no illegitimate children among them 257 A Gipsy stabs another, for seducing his sister, who is afterwards married to him 257 The virtue of young Spanish Gipsy females--They are dressed in a kind of drapery _n_257 Gipsy courtships--The younger sister not married before the elder 258 The Gipsy multiplication table--The Gipsies obey one of the divine laws at least _n_258 A parallel between the ancient Hindoos and the Jews during the time of Laban
259 The nuptial ceremony of the Gipsies of great antiquity, and one the longest to be observed 259 Marriage customs generally--Those of the Gipsies should be made public 260 Sir Walter Scott not squeamish about delicacies, when knowledge is to be acquired 260 The ideas of prudes and snobs on this chapter _n_260 The Scottish Gipsy marriage ceremony described 260-263 The Spanish Gipsy marriage ceremony, according to Bright, _n_261--and Borrow _n_262 Singular marriage customs among other tribes--"Hand-fasting" among Scottish Highland chiefs _n_262 Recent instances of Scottish Gipsy marriages, 263--A Gipsy on the Presbyterian form of marriage _n_264 Description of Peter Robertson, a famous celebrator of Gipsy marriages 264 In his will, he gives away, during his life, more than a county, but reserves to himself a "pendicle," and the town of Dunfermline 265 Remarks on rams and rams' horns _n_265 The Gipsy priest given to good ale, and chastising his tribe

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