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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

486 The character of Moses


without mercy 266 MILLER, HUGH, on the slavery of Scotch colliers and salters _n_121 MINSTRELSY OF THE SCOTTISH BORDER. The Scott clan agree to give up all friendship with common thieves, &c. 113 Song of "Johnny Faa, the Gipsy Laddie,"[331] 289--Of "Hughie the Graeme" 307 MIRACLES. There is no miracle in the existence of the Jews since the dispersion 458, 459, 494, 533 They are to be found in the Old and New Testaments only 494 They are things that are contrary to natural laws 533 It would have been a miracle had the Jews been lost among mankind 533 MIXTURE OF GIPSY BLOOD 9, _n_80, _n_92, 341, 342, 374, 377-379, 399, 468 MIXED GIPSIES, PECULIARITIES OF 10, _n_195, 372, 373, 375, 377, 381-385, 391, 395, 397, 403, 412, 414, 427, 451, 455, 460-462, 470, 472, 498, 499, 508, _n_509, 532 MOSES. His difficulties in inducing the Jews to undertake the Exodus 16 The difference between his rank and that of Jesus Christ 16, 486 The character of Moses, 18--His troubles after leaving Egypt 20 How he apparently got rid of the "mixed multitude" that followed him 20 OCCUPATIONS OF THE GIPSIES GENERALLY 124, 182, 215, 225, 226, 228, 234, 246, 347, 353, 401, 467 OFFOR, GEORGE, (Editor of Bunyan's works). He avoids the Gipsies--His advice to the editor--He says Mr. Hoyland was led captive by a Gipsy girl _n_380 What he says about John Bunyan 515 OWEN, JOHN, how he respected and appreciated John Bunyan 521 PARK, MUNGO, Marriage customs among the natives of Africa _n_260 PASSES. The system of Passes among the Gipsies 218 The use of passes granted to the friends of the Gipsies among the community 130, 131, 158, 159, 199 PENNECUIK, DR. ALEXANDER. He alludes to the Gipsies in his poems and history of Tweed-dale 185 He gives a description of a Gipsy battle, at Romanno 188 He erects a dove-cot on the spot, to commemorate the battle 189 PHILOLOGISTS AND THE GIPSY LANGUAGE 25, 56, 60, 291, 337, 338 PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, THE. What Lord Macaulay says of it, 514--What Bunyan himself wrote of it 517 PONS ASSINORUM, THE, OF THE GIPSY QUESTION _n_383 POPULATION OF THE GIPSIES 61, 77, 93, 297, 316, 367, 416, 493 PRESENT CONDITION AND NUMBER OF THE GIPSIES IN SCOTLAND. Every author represents the Gipsies as all remarkably dark in their appearance 341 The Scottish Gipsies of all colours--Fair-haired Gipsies in Finland and Arabia 341 Children

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