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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

That cost him not less than ten francs


stolen and incorporated with

the tribe--How its appearance has been changed 342 Peculiarity of mixing "the blood" with native, in England _n_342 Gipsies formerly employed in Scotland as constables, peace- officers, and "country-keepers" 343 The peculiarities of the tribe in such capacities--They make matters a great deal worse 344 Impressments during the American and French wars greatly break up the Gipsy bands 344 The tribe desert the ranks on landing in America _n_345 The Gipsies prefer self-mutilation to impressment 345 Sir Walter Scott meets a Prussian Gipsy soldier, a sentinel in Paris _n_346 The Gipsies accept the bounty and desert--Burns' "Jolly Beggars:" "My bonny lass, I work in brass." _n_346 The Gipsies are now crockery-dealers, horse-dealers, and innkeepers; coopers, shoemakers, plumbers, and masons; tinsmiths, braziers, cutlers, bell-hangers, umbrella-menders, and chimney- sweeps, 347--constables in large and small towns, female servants, lady's maids and housekeepers; ginger-bread dealers, crockery, japan, and white-iron hawkers, &c., 348 English Gipsy constables--A Scottish clergyman married to a Gipsy
_n_348 A travelling Gipsy jeweller, disguised as a sailor, offers for sale "a valuable gold watch, that cost him not less than ten francs."--"Do not attempt to cheat us in this manner"--The "sailor" makes his exit dancing, and twirling his bludgeon, in the manner of his tribe 348 Thimble-riggers, tinkers, dealers in horn spoons--"Did you ever make horn spoons?" 350 Popular ideas of Gipsies, and their numbers--Sir Walter Scott's opinion 350 "Tinklers and vagabonds," since the peace of 1815 350 The Gipsies at St. Boswell's, 352--An Asiatic camp to be seen after the fair 353 Description of the _tinkering_ Gipsies, at present in Scotland 353 The hardy constitution of the Gipsy race in resisting the elements _n_354 Itinerant Gipsies--difficulty in pleasing them with hot rolls-- Gipsy beggars in towns 355 Travelling singing Gipsy impostors, 355--Gipsy mock country labourers 356 Irish Gipsies in Scotland--A Gipsy woman gives birth to a child in the open fields 356 Irish Gipsies in England--They are disliked by their English and Scottish brethren _n_357 Irish Gipsy mechanics in Edinburgh,

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