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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

King of the Scottish Gipsies


_n_491, 533 PYRENEES,

The Gipsies of the, resemble the inferior class of Scottish Gipsies 86 QUAKERS. Gipsy-Quakers, or Quaker-Gipsies _n_380 The result of their society being dissolved 448 The nature of the perpetuation of their existence 494 QUEENSFERRY, NORTH. Stylish habits of Gipsy plunderers at the inn at 171 Fashionable cavalcade of female Gipsies departing from 173 The boatmen and their friends--"the lads that take the purses" 173 Gipsy scenes at 288, 294 QUEENSFERRY, SOUTH. Adventure of a Gipsy with an ox at 148 Gipsy scenes at 356 RELIGION AMONG THE GIPSIES 52, 73, _n_74, 87, _n_89, 161, 183, 226, 248, 365, _n_366, 475, 477, 478, 502 ROME, THE CHURCH OF. The seventy years schism--Three Popes anathematizing each other 32 The Gipsies tolerated in the dominions of the Church, for the sake of gain 75 The Gipsies despised and tolerated by the Church, in Spain 395 The attempted conversion of the Jews to the superstitions and impostures of Rome 502 ST. BOSWELL'S, The author's visits to the fairs at--Gipsy scenes 93,
309, 352 ST. JAMES on the gratitude of wild animals 435 ST. PAUL before the Jewish Council--Gamaliel's advice on the persecution of Christians _n_494 "SCOTSMAN" NEWSPAPER, Lament on the death of Will Faa, king of the Scottish Gipsies, in October, 1847 255 SCOTT, SIR WALTER. His judicious advice to the author regarding this work 5, 59, 60, 67, 291 The Gipsy language a "great mystery," 24, 58--His intended publication on the Gipsies 25 He urges an enquiry into the subject of the Gipsies 25, 59 The original of Meg Merrilies, in Guy Mannering 44, 48, 242 An article on the Buckhaven fishermen--The zeal of an antiquary _n_57 His three letters to the author, 58-61--His opinion of the Gipsy language 58, 60 In a note to Quentin Durward, he urges a publication of the present work 66 His translated article, in Blackwood's Magazine, on the Gipsies in Germany 79 His article in Blackwood's Magazine--An English Gipsy family arriving in Scotland 96 Billy Marshall the Gallowayshire Gipsy chief _n_148 In a letter to Captain Adam Ferguson, he alludes to the trial of Kennedy, a tinker _n_192

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