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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

When in the company of Baillie Smith


He notices a scuffle and

a murder among Gipsies 216 His description of a Gipsy feast 232 Adventure of a relative among Gipsies--The original of Meg Merrilies 242 His grandfather feasted by the Gipsies on Charter-house moor 244 He discovers a Gipsy, when in the company of Baillie Smith, of Kelso 250 He is not squeamish about delicacies when knowledge is to be acquired 59, 260 His idea of the Scottish Gipsy population greatly erroneous _n_301, 350, _n_417 He causes his eldest daughter to sing "Hughie the Graeme" to the author _n_308 He is interested in the Gipsies, but afraid they might injure his plantations _n_309 A list of Gipsy words sent to him for inspection 59, 334 He meets a Prussian Gipsy soldier, in Paris _n_346 Feudal robbers--Extract from his life by Lockhart _n_410 Highland robbers--Fitz-James and Roderick Dhu, in the "Lady of the Lake," _n_411 On the disappearance of the Scottish Gipsies _n_417 What he says about John Bunyan
515 SCOTTISH GIPSIES, DOWN TO THE YEAR 1715. Gipsies supposed to be in Scotland before the year 1460 98 McLellan of Bombie kills a Gipsy chief, and recovers the Barony of Bombie 98 The Gipsies enter Scotland, from Spain, by way of Ireland _n_98 Armorial bearings--Act of James II. against vagabonds 99 Letter of James IV., in 1506, to the king of Denmark, in favour of Anthonius Gawino, Earl of Little Egypt 99 Capacity of the early Gipsies in passing for pilgrims and men of consequence _n_99 Treaty between James V. and John Faw, "Lord and Earl of Little Egypt," in 1540 101 Policy of the Gipsies--The act of James V. the starting point in the history of the Scoto-Egyptians _n_103 The Gipsies insult James V., and, for that reason, are ordered to leave Scotland, in 1541 104 Faw's diplomacy on the occasion _n_106 Death of James V.--The Gipsies recover their position with his successors 107 Remission of Gipsies for the slaughter of Ninian Small 107 Scottish Gipsy captains, and Spanish Gipsy counts _n_107 The Gipsies, at that time, men of importance, and allowed to live under their own laws 107 The Countess of Cassilis elopes with John Faa 108 The Gipsies tolerated from 1506 till 1579, when James VI. assumes the government 109 Act of James VI. against vagabonds in general, and the Gipsies in particular 109 Mode prescribed for punishing the Gipsies and the other vagabonds mentioned 110 Statute confirmed in 1592, when the Gipsies are again referred to 110

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