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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

In connexion with the Gipsy language 58


Act of 1597 against "strong

beggars, vagabonds, and Egyptians" 110 Coal and salt masters might apprehend and put such to labour _n_111 Origin of the slavery in Scotland which was abolished during last century _n_111 Gipsies now colliers in the Lothians _n_111 Fletcher of Saltoun's estimate of the beggars and vagabonds in Scotland, in 1680 _n_111 Act of 1600 declares previous ones ineffectual 111 Acts of 1608 and 1609 banish the Gipsies forever, on pain of death 112 Act of 1617 directs the authorities how to proceed against the Gipsies 113 Condition of the Scottish people generally, at this time 113 Acts against "famous and unspotted gentlemen" for protecting the Gipsies 114 Similar acts passed against the nobility and commonalty in Spain _n_114 Gipsy policy and cunning--Modifications of the term Gitano _n_115 Great outward change in the Gipsies at that time--Surnames and general policy 116 English and German Gipsy and Jewish surnames _n_117 The Gipsies claim bastard kindred with the Scottish
aristocracy and gentry 117 They have a profound regard for aristocracy _n_117 Trials and executions of the Gipsies in Scotland--Baron Hume's account 117 The Faas and Baillies the principal Gipsy tribes in Scotland 121 The influence of the Baillies, of Lamington, of great service to the Scottish Gipsies 121 Proscription of Gipsies, and enslavement of colliers and salters, in Scotland _n_121 SHEPHERD KINGS, Gipsies probably the descendants of the 20, 415 SHERIFFS OF SCOTLAND, their reports on the Gipsies in Scotland _n_251 SKENE, WM. F. "Hand-fasting," previous to marriage, practised among Scottish Highland chiefs _n_263 The plundering principles and habits of Scottish Highlanders 410 SLANG, in connexion with the Gipsy language 58, _n_59, 60, 281, 302, _n_338, 506 SLAVES, the religion of 20, 21, 51, 496, _n_496 SMITH, ADAM, author of the "Wealth of Nations," carried off by the Gipsies, when a child 45 SMITH, BAILLIE, OF KELSO. His contribution to Hoyland's "Survey of the Gipsies," 245 SMITH'S HEBREW PEOPLE. History of their language during the seventy years' captivity _n_318 SOLDIERS, Gipsies as 80, 182, 208, 253, 344, 345, _n_346, 359 SOUTHEY, ROBERT. He says Bunyan was bred to the business of a brazier _n_265 On tinkering and Bunyan's education 512 Bunyan's family history and fame 516 He is unreasonable in styling Bunyan a "blackguard," 519 SPIES, Gipsies as _n_74, _n_360 STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF SCOTLAND. Description of Lochgellie, Fifeshire, and the Gipsies settled there 141 Description of the Gipsies at Middleton, Mid-Lothian 341 Allusion to the Falls, merchants, at Dunbar _n_406 STEALING AMONG THE GIPSIES 52, 63, 72, 148, _n_155,

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