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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

And honesty of Gipsy innkeepers


163, 164, 166-174, 177, 197, 210, 211, 228, 315, 339, 364, 482 SURNAMES AMONG THE GIPSIES 99, 101, 107, 117, 121, 124, 141, 153, 219, 252, _n_358 TACITUS on the destruction of the Druids, _n_479--On the religion of slaves _n_496 THIMBLE-RIGGERS AND THIMBLE-RIGGING 319-325 TIMOUR'S CRUELTIES on over-running India 38 TITLES AMONG THE GIPSIES 77, 78, 79, 90, 99, 101, 107, _n_155, 169, 187, 190, 218, 253, _n_256 TRENCK, BARON. In his wanderings, comes in contact with a band of German Gipsies 86 TWISS, RICHARD, on the religious character of the Gipsies 73 On the virtue of Gipsy females, and honesty of Gipsy innkeepers, in Spain 524 TWEED-DALE AND CLYDESDALE GIPSIES. Description of Tweed-dale, in the time of Queen Mary 185 Dr. Pennecuik's works--The Gipsies never had a permanent habitation in the county 185 The tribe attached to the district for three reasons: 1st, the Baillies claimed it as their own, 185--2d, plenty of provisions-- 3d, freedom from the laws 186 Alleged relation of the Gipsies to the Baillies of Lamington _n_185 Braxy--Mr. Borrow on the Gipsies poisoning and eating swine _n_186 Fashionable appearance and mounting of the Baillie tribe--Their children left in huts 186 The Gipsies well treated by the tenantry, who accept dinners from them 187 The Baillies specially mentioned--They give kings and queens to the tribe 187 The quarrelsome disposition of the Gipsies--"A shower of horns, hammers, knives, files, and fiery peats," 188 Dr. Pennecuik's account of a Gipsy battle at Romanno 188 He erects a dove-cot on the spot, to illustrate, by contrast, the nature of the Gipsy 189 The same battle noticed by Lord Fountainhall, in his MS 189 A Gipsy battle at Hawick--Terrific wounds, but no slain 190 Sir Walter Scott's allusion to this battle _n_192 Another and decisive battle between the hostile tribes, at Eskdale moor 193 The country people horrified at the sight of the wounded Gipsies 193 Grellmann's description of Hungarian Gipsies fighting _n_193 Female Gipsies fight as well as males--'Becca Keith, the heroine of Dumblane 194 The trifling occasions of Gipsies fighting, and agreeing among themselves _n_195 The fencibles and the clergy called out to quell and disperse the Gipsies _n_195 Assault of the Gipsies on Pennicuik House _n_195 An insult offered to the mother of the Baillies resented, with drawn

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