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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

After scrutiny by two of the tribe



196 Contribution from Mr. Blackwood towards a history of the Gipsies 196 Pickpockets at Dumfries, headed by Will Baillie--How he and his tribe travelled to fairs--He returns a farmer his purse, 197--The farmer, when intoxicated, goes to visit him--Baillie pays a widow's rent, and saves her from ruin, 198--He borrows money, and gives the lender a pass of protection, 199--The pass, after scrutiny by two of the tribe, protects its bearer --Baillie repays his loan with a large interest--The "Jock Johnstone" gang of Gipsies, 200--Jock, in a drunken squabble, kills a country ale-wife--His jack-daw proves a bird of bad omen to him, and he a bird of bad omen to his executioner 201 Jock's execution, as described by Dr. Alexander Carlyle _n_201 William Baillie, a handsome, well-dressed, good-looking, well- bred man, and an excellent swordsman 202 Like a wild Arab, he distributes the wares of a trembling packman, who extols, wherever he goes, "the extraordinary liberality of Captain Baillie," 203 Bruce on the protection given by Arabs to shipwrecked Christians _n_203 In indulging his sarcastic wit, Baillie insults the judge on the bench 203 The deportment of Hungarian Gipsies
during and after punishment _n_204 Baillie's numerous crimes and sentences 204 The nature of "sorning," _n_204--Gipsies carried arms in the olden times _n_205 Baillie's policy in claiming kin with honourable families 205 He is slain by one of the tribe while in the arms of his wife 206 His murderer pursued by the tribe over the British Isles, till he is apprehended and executed 206 Legal enquiry regarding the slaughter of Baillie, 206--The trial of his murderers 208 William Baillie succeeded by Matthew Baillie--His descendants 208 Mary Yorkston, wife of Matthew Baillie, a Gipsy queen and priestess 208 Her appearance and costume, on gala days, when advanced in years 209 Old Gipsy women strip people of their clothes, like the Arabs of the desert 209 Mary Yorkston restores a stolen purse to a friend--Her husband first counts its contents--"There is your purse, sir; you see what it is, when honest people meet!" 210 A Gipsy chief chastises his wife for want of diligence or success at a fair 211 Mary Yorkston and her particular friend, the good-man of Coulter-park 211 She scorns alms, but demands and takes by force a "boontith," 211 Her son, James Baillie, condemned and pardoned again and again 212 The Baillies of Lamington's influence successful in his case 213 Stylish dress of the male head of the Ruthvens--The Gipsy costume generally 213 Disguises of the tribe when

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