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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

225 They do not attend church


plundering in fairs

213 Vidocq on the disguises of the Continental Gipsies, on a similar occasion _n_213 A couple of mounted Gipsies taken for men almost of the first quality 214 Straggling Gipsies--Their suspicious characters--A tinker and a tinker's wife 215 A quarrel among three Gipsy constables, 216--A murder, a capture, and a lamentation 217 One Gipsy constable murdered, another hanged, and the third banished 218 Great falling off in the condition of the Scottish nomadic Gipsies 218 The internal polity of the Gipsies--Their general system of passes 218 The country divided into districts, under a king and provincial chieftains--The pass of a Baillie conducts its bearer over all Scotland 219 Surnames among the Tweed-dale Gipsies--Surnames among the English Gipsies _n_219 Travelling Gipsies possess two and sometimes several names-- Superstitious ideas when travelling 219 Present condition of the Tweed-dale
Gipsies--They dispense with tents, but occupy kilns and outhouses 220 The number of the tribe sometimes collected together, 220--How they are sometimes treated 221 How the Gipsies approach the farmers' premises, 222--How they disguise their numbers 222 Their honesty, while on the farm--The resemblance between Gipsies and ravens _n_223 Personal habits of the tribe while in their encampment 224 The males remain aloof, tinkering and manufacturing--The women vend the goods 224 Athletic amusements of the Gipsies, 224--They despise the peasantry, but boast of their own tribe 225 Their peaceable behaviour, 225--They do not attend church, or worship any thing whatever 226 The musical talents of the Gipsies--Their pretensions to surgery --Dr. Duds 226 How Gipsy women vend their wares, 225--They sometimes take, by force, a "boontith," 227 Habits of the Hungarian Gipsy after child-birth _n_227 Mary Yorkston and her "boontith," 227--Her terrible prediction 228 Recent instances of "sorning," or masterful begging, among the Scottish Gipsies

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