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A History of the Gipsies by Walter Simson

N 228 Gipsy fortune tellers

_n_228 Gipsy fortune-tellers, 228--How they frequently obtain important information 229 Travelling Gipsies--Gipsy fiddlers at parties--Gipsy lady's maids 229 Fortune-telling by palmistry and the divining cup, 230--By the corn riddle and scissors 231 Fortune-telling in Kamtachatka and the ancient Eastern nations _n_230 Fortune-telling punishable by Act of Parliament _n_230 Anecdote of a Gipsy woman telling fortunes by the divining cup 231 Gipsies' meals--Sir Walter Scott's description of a Gipsy feast 232 The Gipsy mode of cooking poultry and butcher-meat 233 The Gipsy mode of working in iron--Its antiquity--Hungarian Gipsy smiths _n_234 VIDOCQ. On the disguises and plundering habits of the Continental Gipsies _n_169, _n_213 WILKINSON, SIR J. GARDNER. Thimble-rigging among the ancient Egyptians _n_325 The appearance of the Jews in the East differs from that in Europe 477 WILSON, PROFESSOR. He strolls with the Gipsies in his youth, 8--Was he then looking at the "old thing?"
471 He notices the articles of the author in Blackwood's Magazine 66 YETHOLM. Description of its situation _n_141 The Gipsies of Yetholm--Baillie Smith's account, 245--Mr. Blackwood's contribution 251 Tradition of the first settlement of the Gipsies at Yetholm _n_252 The author's visit to Yetholm 254 The Gipsies at Yetholm knock down their asses, when they separate from their wives 276 Yetholm the metropolis of Scottish Gipsydom, 426--"I come from Yetholm" 443

[331] The song of "Johnny Faa, the Gipsy Laddie," appears in the Waverly anecdotes. It might have been included in the Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES | | | | The spelling, hyphenation and capitalisation of the original work | | have been maintained, including inconsistencies (also in the lists | | of words), except when mentioned below. | | Examples of such inconsistencies are o/ou (as in colour/color), | | 22d/22nd, clannish/clanishness/clanism, Couter-park/Coulter-park, | | Tschingenes/Tschengenes, depot/depot, wagon/waggon, inconsistent | | use of periods after the name of monarchs (Charles II/Charles II.),| | (John) Lobbs'/Lobb's, etc. | | | | The lay-out of the index has not been changed. | | | | Doubtful issues have been verified with another scan of the same | | edition of the book. | | | | Textual remarks: the author uses "barrier" in several places where | | "barrio" might possibly be more appropriate. This has not been | | changed. The same applies to the author's use of "Pons Assinorum". | | | | Changes made to the original text: | | some minor obvious typographical errors (including punctuation) | | have been corrected silently; | | Footnote [9]: Abbe changed to Abbe; | | Page 76: Tereros changed to Toreros; | | Footnote [40]: Annals changed to Annales; | | Page 161: young laid changed to young lad; | | Footnote [148]: the Gipsy women changed to the Gipsy woman; | | Footnote [151]: Hudegger changed to Heidegger; | | Page 337 (table): Doooe changed to Dooce as in Hoyland's work; | | Index: | | Several page numbers inserted where they were lacking; | | references to footnotes standardised as _n_xxx (spaces deleted); | | spelling changed to conform to spelling in text: Graeme to Graeme; | | Charterhouse moor to Charter-house moor; Esk-dale moor to Eskdale | | moor, Fitz James to Fitz-James; Free-masons to Freemasons; | | The philosophy of the preservation ...: page number 33 changed to | | 23; | | MIXED GIPSIES ...: page number 391 moved to proper place. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

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