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A History of the Moravian Church by Hutton


The Bohemian Brethren. 1457-1673

CHAPTER I.--The Rising Storm " II.--The Burning of Hus. July 6th, 1415 " III.--The Welter. 1415-1434 " IV.--Peter of Chelcic. 1419-1450 " V.--Gregory the Patriarch and the Society at Kunwald. 1457-1472 " VI.--Luke of Prague and the High Church Reaction. 1473-1530 " VII.--The Brethren at Home. " VIII.--John Augusta and His Policy. 1531-1548 " IX.--The Brethren in Poland. 1548-1570 " X.--The Martyr Bishop. 1548-1560 " XI.--The Last Days of Augusta. 1560-1572 " XII.--The Golden Age. 1572-1603 " XIII.--The Letter of Majesty. 1603-1609 " XIV.--The Downfall. 1609-1621 " XV.--The Day of Blood at Prague. June 21st, 1621 " XVI.--Comenius and the Hidden Seed. 1621-1673


The Revival under Zinzendorf. 1700-1760.

CHAPTER I.--The Youth of Count Zinzendorf. 1700-1722 " II.--Christian David. 1690-1722 " III.--The Founding of Herrnhut. 1722-1727 " IV.--Life at Herrnhut " V.--The Edict of Banishment. 1727-1736 " VI.--The Foreign Missions and their Influence. 1732-1760 " VII.--The Pilgrim Band. 1736-1743 " VIII.--The Sifting Time. 1743-1750 " IX.--Moravians and Methodists. 1735-1742 " X.--Yorkshire and the Settlement System. 1742-1755 " XI.--The Labours of John Cennick. 1739-1755 " XII.--The Appeal to Parliament. 1742-1749 " XIII.--The Battle of the Books. 1749-1755 " XIV.--The American Experiments. 1734-1762 " XV.--The Last Days of Zinzendorf. 1755-1760


The Rule of the Germans. 1760-1857.

CHAPTER I.--The Church and Her Mission; or The Three Constitutional Synods. 1760-1775 " II.--The Fight for the Gospel; or, Moravians and Rationalists. 1775-1800 " III.--A Fall and a Recovery. 1800-1857 " IV.--The British Collapse. 1760-1800 " V.--The British Advance. 1800-1857 " VI.--The Struggle in America. 1762-1857 " VII.--The Separation of the Provinces 1857-1899


The Modern Moravians. 1857-1908.

CHAPTER I.--Moravian Principles " II.--The Moravians in Germany " III.--The Moravians in Great Britain " IV.--The Moravians in North America " V.--Bonds of Union


For assistance in the preparation of this second edition, I desire herewith to express my obligations to several friends:--To the late Rev. L. G. Hasse, B.D., whose knowledge of Moravian history was profound, and who guided me safely in many matters of detail; to the Rev. N. Libbey, M.A., Principal of the Moravian Theological College, Fairfield, for the loan of valuable books; to the Rev. J. T. Mueller, D.D., Archivist at Herrnhut, for revising part of the MS., and for many helpful suggestions; to Mr. W. T. Waugh, M.A., for assistance in correcting the proof-sheets, and for much valuable criticism; to the members of the Moravian Governing Board, not only for the loan of books and documents from the Fetter Lane archives, but also for carefully reading through the MS.; to the ministers who kindly supplied my pulpit for three months; and last, but not least, to the members of my own congregation, who relieved me from some pastoral duties to enable me to make good speed with my task.

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