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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

Briefwechsel des Mutianus Rufus Cassel

27 Scharpff, _Der Cardinal und Bischof Nicolaus von Cusa als Reformator in Kirche, Reich und Philosophie_ (Tuebingen, 1871).

28 Wessel's most important Theses on Indulgences are given in Ullmann, _Reformers before the Reformation_ (Edinburgh, 1855), ii. 546 f.

29 Tresling, _Vita et Merita Rudolphi Agricola_ (Groeningen, 1830).

30 Wiskowatoff, _Jacob Wimpheling, sein Leben und seine Schriften _ (Berlin, 1867).

31 Roth, _Willibald Pirkheimer_ (Halle, 1887).

32 Krause, _Briefwechsel des Mutianus Rufus_ (Cassel, 1855), p. 32.

_ 33 Ibid._ p. 94.

_ 34 Ibid._ p. 93.

_ 35 Ibid._ p. 28.

_ 36 Ibid._ p. 427.

37 Krause, _Briefwechsel des Mutianus Rufus_ (Cassel, 1855), p. 79.

_ 38 Ibid._ p. 175: "Non sit vobiscum in castris (nostris) ulla turpitudo."

_ 39 Ibid._; cf. especially Letter to Urban, pp. 352, 353, and pp. 153, 190.

40 Geiger in his _Renaissance und Humanismus in Italien und Deutschland_ (Berlin, 1882, Oncken's Series) has given a picture of the insignia of the poet laureate on p. 457, and one of Conrad Celtes crowned on p. 459.

_ 41 De Verbo Mirifico_ (ed. 1552), p. 71.

42 Kriegk, _Deutsches Buergerthum im Mittelalter_, pp. 1 ff., 38-53.

43 A chronicle and the details of the Reuchlin controversy are to be found in the second volume of the supplement to Boecking's edition of the works of Ulrich von Hutten. Good accounts are to be found in Geiger's _Renaissanc und Humanismus in Italien und Deutschland_, pp. 510 ff. (Berlin, 1882, Oncken's Series); in Strauss' _Ulrich von Hutten: His Life and Times_, pp. 100-140 (English translation by Mrs. Sturge, London, 1874); and in Creighton's _History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome_, vol. vi. pp. 37 ff. (London, 1897).

44 The second edition is entitled _Illustrium Virorum Epistolae Hebraicae, Grecae, et Latinae ad Jo. Reuchlinum_; the first edition was entitled _Clarorum Virorum_, etc. The letters are forty-three in number--the first being from Erasmus, "the most learned man of the age."

45 The best edition of the _Epistolae Obscurorum Vivorum_ is to be found in vol. i. of the Supplement to Boecking's _Ulrici Hutteni Opera_, 5 vols., with 2 vols. of Supplement (Leipzig, 1864, 1869). The first edition was published in 1515, and consisted of forty-one letters; the second, in 1516, contained the same number; in the third edition an appendix of seven additional letters was added. In 1517 a second part appeared containing sixty-two letters, and an appendix of eight letters was added to the second edition of the second part.

46 Strauss, _Ulrich von Hutten_, 2 vols. (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1874), translated and slightly abridged by Mrs. George Sturge (London, 1874).

47 SOURCES: Barack, _Zimmerische Chronik_, 4 vols. (2nd ed., Freiburg i. B. 1881-1882); _Chroniken der deutschen Staedte_, 29 vols. (in progress); Grimm, _Weisthuemer_, 7 vols. (Goettingen, 1840-1878); Haetzerlin, _Liederbuch_ (Quedlinburg, 1840); Liliencron, _Die historischen Volkslieder der Deutschen vom dreizehnten bis zum sechzehnten Jahrhundert_ (Leipzig, 1865-1869); Sebastian Brand's _Narrenschiff_ (Leipzig, 1854); Geiler von Keysersberg's _Ausgewaehlte Schriften_ (Trier, 1881); Hans Sachs, _Fastnachspiele (Neudrucke deutschen Litteraturwerke_, Nos. 26, 27, 31, 32, 39, 40, 42, 43, 51, 52, 60, 63, 64); Hans von Schweinichen, _Leben und Abenteuer des schlessischen Ritters, Hans v. Schweinichen_ (Breslau, 1820-1823); Vandam, _Social Life in Luther's Time_ (Westminster, 1902); Trithemius, _Annales Hirsaugienses_ (St. Gallen, 1590).

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