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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

76 The old Scotch version was In dulci jubilo

Now sleep, now sleep, my little child, He loves thee, Jesus, meek and mild: He'll never leave thee nor forsake, He'll make thee wise and good and great. Oh Jesus, Master mild, Protect my little child."

76 The old Scotch version was:

"In dulci jubilo, Now let us sing with mirth and jo! Our hartis consolation Lies in praesepio; And schynis as the Sonne Matris in gremio. Alpha es et O, Alpha es et O!

O Jesu parvule, I thirst sair after Thee; Comfort my hart and mind, O Puer optime! God of all grace so kind, Et Princeps Gloriae, Trahe me post Te, Trahe me post Te!

Ubi sunt gaudia In any place but there, Where that the angels sing Nova cantica, But and the bellis ring In Regis curia! God gif I were there, God gif I were there!"

--(_Gude and Godlie Ballates_ (Scot. Text Society, Edinburgh, 1897), pp. 53. 250.)

There is a variety of English versions: "Let Jubil trumpets blow, and hearts in rapture flow"; "In dulci jubilo, to the House of God we'll go"; "In dulci jubilo, sing and shout all below." Cf. Julian, _Dictionary of Hymnology_, p. 564.

justify;"> 77 Wackernagel, _Das deutsche Kirchenlied_, etc., ii. 483 ff.

78 The song began:

"Woellent ir geren hoeren Von sant Michel's wunn; In Gargau ist er gsessen Drei mil im meresgrund.

'O heilger man, sant Michel, Wie hastu dass gesundt, Dass du so tief hast buwen Wol in des meres grund?' "

--(Wackernagel, _Das deutsche Kirchenlied_, etc. ii. 1003.)

79 Konrad Stolle, _Thueringische Chronik_, pp. 128-131 (_Bibliothek des literarischen Vereins in Stuttgart_, xxxiii.).

80 Kolde, _Friedrich der Weise und die Anfaenge der Reformation_, p. 14.

81 Lucas Cranach, _Wittenberger Heiligenthumsbuch vom Jahre 1509_, in Hirth's _Liebhaber-Bibliothek alter Illustratoren in Facsimilien-Reproduktion_, No. vii. (Munich, 1896).

_ 82 Mirabilia Romae_, ed. by G. Parthey: the quotations are from an old German translation.

83 The title is _Hae sunt reliquiae quae habentur in hac sanctissima ecclesia Compostellana in qua corpus Beati Jacobi Zebedei in integrum_.

84 No. i. of _Drucke und Holzschnitte des 15 und 16 Jahrhunderts_ (Strassburg, 1899).

85 "Zway par schuech der darff er wol, Ein schuessel bei der flaschen; Ein breiten huet den sol er han, Und an mantel sol er nit gan Myt leder wol besezet; Es schnei oder regn oder wehe der wint, Dass in die lufft nicht nezet; Sagkh und stab ist auch dar bey."

--(Wackernagel, _Das deutsche Kirchenlied von der aeltesten Zeit bis zu Anfang des 17 Jahrhunderts_, ii. 1009.)

86 The hospital at Romans is much praised:

"Da selbst eyn gutter spital ist, Dar inne gybt mann brot und wyn Auch synt die bett hubsch und fyn."

On the other hand, although the hospital at Montpelier was good enough, its superintendent was a sworn enemy to Germans, and the pilgrims of that nation suffered much at his hands. These hospitals occupy a good deal of space in the pilgrimage song, and the woes of the Germans are duly set forth. If the pilgrim asks politely for more bread:

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