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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

Annales Reformationis Leipzig

167 Seidemann, _Die Leipziger Disputation im Jahre 1519_ (Dresden, 1843).

_ 168 Zeitschrift fuer die historische Theologie_ for 1872, p. 534.

169 Petri Mosellani, "Epistola de Disput. Lips." in Loescher's _Reformations Acta et Documenta_ (Leipzig, 1720-1729), i. pp. 242 ff.

_ 170 Zeitschrift fuer die historische Theologie_ for 1872, p. 535. The diarist is M. Sebastian Froscher.

171 Wace and Buchheim, _Luther's Primary Works_ (London, 1896).

172 Denzinger, _Enchiridion_, etc. p. 175.

173 In a pamphlet written by Eck in 1519, he had asserted that all the theologians in Germany were opposed to Luther save a few unlearned canons. This called forth, towards the end of the year, _The Answer of an Unlearned Canon_, which was generally ascribed to Bernard Adelmann, a canon of Augsburg, but which was really written by Oecolampadius. Pirkheimer had written a caustic attack on Eck in a satire, in which German coarseness was clothed in elegant latinity, entitled _Eccius Dedolatus_ (_The Corner planed off_, Eck being the German for "corner"), published in _Lateinische Litteraturdenkmueler des 15 und 16 Jahrhundertes_ (Berlin, 1891). Carlstadt had opposed Eck at Leipzig.

justify;"> 174 A copy of Luther's notice has been preserved in the MS. "Annals" of Peter Schumann in the _Zwickau Ratsschulbibliothek_ at Zwickau. It has been printed in Kolde's _Analecta Lutherana_ (Gotha, 1883), p. 26: "Quisquis veritatis Evangeliceae studio teneatur. Adesto sub horam nonam, modo ad templum S. Crucis extra moenia oppidi, ubi pro veteri et apostolico ritu impii pontificiarum constitutionum et scholasticae theologiae libri cremabuntur quandoquidem eo processit audatia inimicorum Evangelii, ut pios ac evangelicos Luteri exusserit. Age pia et studiosa juventus ad hoc pium ac religiosum spectaculum constituito. Fortassis enim nunc tempus est quo revelari Antichristum opportuit."

175 Fr. v. Bezold has some excellent pages on this subject in his _Geschichte der deutschen Reformation_ (Berlin, 1890), pp. 278 ff. I have used the material he has collected, and added to it from my own reading.

176 SOURCES: _Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Kaiser Karl __V._, 3 vols. have been published (Gotha, 1893-1901); Balan, _Monumenta Reformationis Lutheranae ex tabulis S. Sedis secretis 1521-1525_ (Ratisbon, 1883-1884); Laemmer, _Monumenta Vaticana historiam ecclesiasticam saeculi 16 illustrantia_ (Freiburg, 1861); _Meletematum Romanorum Mantissa_ (Regensburg, 1875); Brieger, _Aleander und Luther 1521: Die vervollstaendigten Aleander-Depeschen nebst Untersuchungen ueber den Wormser Reichstag_ (Gotha, 1894); _Calendar of Spanish State Papers_ (London, 1886); _Calendar of Venetian State Papers_, vols. iii.-vi. (London, 1864-1884); _Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the reign of Henry __VIII._, vols. iii.-xix. (London, 1860-1903); V. E. Loescher, _Vollstaendige Reformations-Acta und Documenta_, 3 vols. (Leipzig, 1713-1722); Spalatin, _Annales Reformationis_ (Leipzig, 1768); _Chronikon_ 2nd vol. of Mencke's _Scriptores rerum Germanicarum praecipae Saxonicarum_, 3 vols. (Leipzig, 1728-1730); _Historischer Nachlass und Briefe_ (Jena, 1851); also the sources mentioned under the first chapter of this part.

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