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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

Feber das Erst Feber das ander Vadiscus


189 Calendar of State Papers, Henry __VIII.__ Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic_ (London, 1867), III. i. p. 445.

190 Kalkoff, _Die Depeschen_, etc. p. 106.

191 This was probably the frontispiece of a small book containing four of Hutten's tracts, and entitled _Gespraech Buechlin: Herr Ulrichs von Hutten. Feber das Erst: Feber das ander: Vadiscus, oder die Roemische Dreifaltigkeit: Die Anschawenden_; with the motto, _Odivi ecclesiam malignantium_. It is figured in v. Bezold's _Geschicte der deutschen Reformation_, p. 307 (Berlin, 1890).

_ 192 Reichtstagsakten_, ii. pp. 495 ff.

_ 193 Ibid._ 515 ff.

_ 194 Reichstsakten_, ii. pp. 518 ff.

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_ 196 Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Kaiser Carl __V._ (Gotha, 1896), ii. 466; Brieger, _Aleander_, etc. pp. 19, 20.

197 Cf. p. 267, note.

198 The draft was dated February 15th, and will be found in the _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 507 ff.

199 The answer of the Diet was dated

February 19th, and is to be found in the _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 514 ff., and discussions thereanent, pp. 517, 518 f.

200 The second draft edict proposed to summon Luther to make recantation only, and at the same time ordered his books to be burnt, which was equivalent to a condemnation, _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 520.

201 The revised draft edict in its final form was dated March 10th, four days after the citation and safe conduct, and it is probable that it was finally issued by the Emperor for the purpose of frightening Luther, and preventing him obeying the citation and trusting to the safe conduct, _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 529 ff. and notes.

202 Luther received three safe conducts, one from the Emperor in the citation, one from the Elector of Saxony, and one from Duke George of Saxony. _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 526 ff.

203 Cf. Aleander's letter of April 5th, 1521. Brieger, _Aleander und Luther_, etc. pp. 119 ff.

204 Spalatin's _Annales Reformationis_ (Cyprian's edition), p. 38.

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_ 206 Ibid._ p. 850.

_ 207 Ibid._ p. 853, note.

_ 208 Reichstagsakten_, ii. 863.

209 Lingke, _Luther's Reisegeschichte_, pp. 83 f.

210 Every monk when on a journey had to be accompanied by a brother of the Order. Petzensteiner left his convent and married (July 1522), Kolde, _Analecta Lutherana_, p. 38. For the entry into Worms, cf. _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 850, 859; Balau, _Monumenta_, etc. p. 170.

211 Brieger, _Aleander_, etc. p. 143; _Zeitschrift f. Kirchengeschichte_, iv. 326.

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