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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

Luther und Aleander 1521 Gotha


282 Luther's Works_ (Erlangen edition), lxiv. 370; Wrampelmeyer, _Tagebuch ueber Dr. Martin Luther, gefuehrt von Dr. Conrad Cordatus_, p. 477; _et descendi de pretorio conductus, do sprangen Gesellen herfur, die sagten, __"__Wie, furt yhr yhn gefangen? Das must nicht sein.__"_

_ 283 Reichslagsakten_, ii. 853.

284 Selnecker, _Historia ... D. M. Lutheri_ (1575), p. 108.

285 Cf. p. 264-5. The complete text of the Emperor's declaration is to be found in the _Reichstagsakten_, ii. 594; Foerstemann, _Neues Urkundenbuch zur Geschichte der evangelischen Kirchen-Reformation_ (Hamburg, 1842), i. 75; Armstrong, _The Emperor Charles __V._, i. 70 (London, 1902).

286 Brieger, _Aleander und Luther 1521_, p. 154 (Gotha, 1884): _Dove molti rimasero piu pallidi che se fossero stati morti_.

287 Brieger, _Luther und Aleander 1521_ (Gotha, 1884), pp. 208 ff.; Kalkoff, _Die Depeschen des Nuntius Aleander vom Wormser Reichstage 1521_ (Halle, 1897), pp. 235 ff.

288 Leitschuh, _Albrecht Duerer's Tagebuch der Reise in die Niederlande_ (Leipzig, 1884), pp. 82-84.

289 Kolde, _Analecta Lutherana_ (Gotha, 1883), pp. 31, 32: "Quare, mi doctissime Luthere, si me amas, si reliquos,

qui adhuc mecum curam tui habent, Evangeliique Dei, per te tanto labore, tanta cura, tot sudoribus, tot periculis praedicati fac sciamus, an vivas, an captus sis."

290 Brieger, _Luther und Aleander 1521_ (Gotha, 1884), p. 158; Kalkoff, _Die Depeschen des Nuntius Aleander_ (Halle, 1897), p. 182.

291 Cf. Letter of Cochlaeus to the Pope (June 19th) in Brieger's _Zeitschrift fuer Kirchengeschichte_, xviii. p. 118.

292 Brieger, _Luther und Aleander 1521_ (Gotha, 1884), p. 211.

293 The important clauses in the Edict of Worms are printed in Emil Reich's _Select Documents illustrating Mediaeval and Modern History_ (London, 1905), p. 209.

_ 294 Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry __VIII._, III. i. p. cccxxxviii. Letter from Tunstal to Wolsey of date January 21st, 1521.

295 Brieger, _Aleander und Luther 1521_ (Gotha, 1884), p. 263; cf. pp. 249 ff.

_ 296 Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry __VIII._, iii. 449, 485.

_ 297 Act. Parl. Scot._ ii. 295.

298 v. Ranke in his _Deutsche Geschichte im Zeitalter der Reformation_ (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1882), ii. 56, and Dr. Burkhardt, archivist at Weimar, in the _Zeitschrift fuer die historische Theologie_ (Gotha) for 1862, p. 456--both founding on the confessedly imperfect information to be found in Panzer's _Annalen der aelteren deutschen Litteratur_ (1788-1802)--have made the following calculations:--the number of printed books issued in the German language, and within Germany, from 1480-1500, did not exceed forty a year; the years 1500-1512 show about the same average; in the year 1513 the number of books and booklets issued from German presses in the German language was 35; in 1514 it was 47; in 1515, 46; in 1516, 55; in 1517, 37; then Luther's printed appeals to the German people began to appear in the shape of sermons, tracts, controversial writings, etc., and the German publications of the year 1518 rose to 71, of which no less than 20 were from Luther's pen; in 1519 the total number was 111, of which 50 were Luther's; in 1520 the total was 208, of which 133 were Luther's; in 1521 (when Luther was in the Wartburg), Luther published 20 separate booklets; in 1522, 130; and in 1523 the total number was 498, of which 180 were Luther's; cf. Weller, _Repertorium Typographicum_ (Noerdlingen, 1864-1874), for further information. From Luther's Letter to the Nuernberg Council (Enders, v. 244), it may be inferred that the first edition of each of his writings was usually sold out in seven or eight weeks.

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