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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

Chronik des Bauernkrieges Basler Chroniken

310 Cf. Barge, _Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt_, i. 357; the letter is printed in ii. 558-559.

311 The ordinance is printed in Richter's _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des sechszehnten Jahrhunderts_ (Weimar, 1846), ii. 484; and, with a more correct text, in Sehling's _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des 16ten Jahrhunderts_ (Leipzig), 1902, I. i. 697.

312 This _Instruction_ will be found in Enders, _Dr. Martin Luthers Briefwechsel_, iii. 292-295. Its effect on Luther's return to Wittenberg is discussed at length by von Bezold (_Zeitschrift fuer Kirchengeschichte_, xx. 186 ff.), Kawerau (Luther's _Rueckkehr_, etc., Halle, 1902), and by Barge (_Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt_, Leipzig, 1905, p. 432 ff.).

313 See his letters to Spalatin in Enders, _Dr. Martin Luthers Briefwechsel_, iii. 271, 286.

314 Johann Kessler, _Sabbata_ (edited by Egli and Schoch, St. Gall, 1902).

315 The edict said: "In the first place, we command that all, particularly all princes, estates, and subjects, shall not, after the expiry of the above twenty days, which terminate on the 14th of the present month of May, offer to Luther either shelter, food, or drink, or help him in any way with words or deeds, secretly or openly.

On the contrary, wherever you get possession of him, you shall at once put him in prison and send him to me, or, at any rate, inform me thereof without any delay. For that holy work you shall be recompensed for your trouble and expenses. Likewise you ought, in virtue of the holy constitution and ban of our Empire, to deal in the following way with all the partisans, abettors, and patrons of Luther. You shall put them down, and confiscate their estates to your own profit, unless the said persons can prove that they have mended their ways and asked for papal absolution. Furthermore, we command, under the aforesaid penalties, that nobody shall buy, sell, read, keep, copy, or print any of the writings of Martin Luther which have been condemned by our holy father the Pope, whether in Latin or in German, nor any other of his wicked writings."

316 The Pope's instructions to his nuncio will be found in Wrede, _Deutsche Reichstagsakten unter Kaiser Karl __V._, iii. 393 ff.

317 Compare Gebhardt, _Die Gravamina der Deutschen Nation_, 2nd ed., Breslau, 1895.

318 The _annates_ were the first year's stipend of an ecclesiastical benefice, usually reckoned at a fixed rate.

319 SOURCES: Baumann, _Quellen zur Geschichte des Bauernkrieges in Ober-Schwaben_ (Stuttgart, 1877); _Die Zwoelf Artikel der oberschwaebischen Bauern_ (Kempten, 1896); _Akten zur Geschichte des Bauernkrieges aus Ober-Schwaben_ (Freiburg, 1881); Beger, _Zur Geschichte des Bauernkrieges nach Urkunden zu Karlsruhe_ (in _Forschungen zur deutschen Geschichte_, vols. xxi.-xxii., Goettingen, 1862); Ryhiner, _Chronik des Bauernkrieges_ (_Basler Chroniken_, vi., 1902); Waldau, _Materialien zur Geschichte des Bauerkrieges_ (Chemnitz, 1791-1794); Vogt, _Die Korrespondenz des Schwuebischen Bundes-Hauptmanns, 1524-1527_ (Augsburg, 1879-1883).

LATER BOOKS: Zimmermann, _Allgemeine Geschichte des grossen Bauernkrieges_, 3 vols. (Stuttgart, 1856); E. Belfort Bax, _The Peasants' War in Germany_ (London, 1899); Kautsky, _Communism in Central Europe in the time of the Reformation_ (London, 1897); Stern, _Die Socialisten der Reformationszeit_ (Berlin, 1883). The literature on the Peasants' War is very extensive.

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