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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

But perhaps the best is given in Maurenbrecher

359 Ranke has an interesting study of the character of Maurice in his _Deutsche Geschichte im Zeitalter der Reformation_, bk. ix. chap. vi. (vol. v. pp. 161 ff. of the 6th ed., Leipzig, 1882); but perhaps the best is given in Maurenbrecher, _Studien und Skizzen zur Geschichte der Reformationszeit_ (Leipzig, 1874), pp. 135 ff. A man's deep religious convictions can tolerate strange company in most ages, and the fact that we find Romanist champions in France plunging into the deepest profligacy the one week and then undergoing the agonies of repentance the next, or that Lutheran leaders combined occasional conjugal infidelities and drinking bouts with zeal for evangelical principles, demands deeper study in psychology than can find expression, in the fashion of some modern English historians, in a few cheap sneers.

360 Henninjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_ (Geneva and Paris, 1866-1897), i. 47, 48.

_ 361 Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the reign of Henry __VIII._, iii. 284.

362 Kalkoff, _Die Depeschen des Nuntius Aleander_ (Halle, 1897), p. 106.

_ 363 Acts of the Parliament of Scotland_ for 1525 and 1527.

364 Maurenbrecher, _Karl V. und die deutschen Protestanten

1545-1555_ (Duesseldorf, 1865): Jahn, _Geschichte des Schmalkaldischen Krieges_ (Leipzig, 1837); Lo Mang, _Die Darstcllung des Schmalkaldischen Krieges in den Denkwuerdigkeiten Karls V._ (Jena, 1890, 1899, 1900); Brandenburg, _Moritz von Sachsen_ (Leipzig, 1898).

365 Schmidt, "Agenda and Letters relating to the _Interim_," in _Zeitschrift fuer historisch. Theologie_, xxxviii. (1868) pp. 431 ff., 461 ff.; Beutel, _Ueber den Ursprung des Augsburger Interim_ (Leipzig, 1888); Meyer, _Der Augsburger Reichstag nach einem fuerstlichen Tagebuch_ (_Preus. Jahrb._ 1898, pp. 206-242).

366 Maurice of Saxony was permitted to make some alterations on the _Interim_ for his dominions, and his edition was called the _Leipzig Interim_.

367 One of these broadsides is reproduced in von Bezold's _Geschichte der deutschen Reformation_ (Berlin, 1890), p. 806.

368 Wolf, _Der Augsburger Religionsfriede_ (Stuttgart, 1890); Brandi, _Der Augsburger Religionsfriede_ (Munich, 1896); Druffel, _Beitraege zur Reichsgeschichte, 1553-1555_ (Munich, 1896).

369 These two unsettled questions became active in the disputes which began the Thirty Years' War.

370 Pollard, _Cambridge Modern History_, ii. 144.

371 The Religious Peace of Augsburg had important diplomatic consequences beyond Germany. The Lutheran form of faith was recognised to be a _religio licita_ (to use the old Roman phrase) within

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