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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 1 of 2)

Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen

377 The Visitation of Bishop Hooper of the diocese of Gloucester, made in 1551, disclosed a worse state of matters in England. The Visitor put these simple questions to his clergy: "How many commandments are there? Where are they to be found? Repeat them. What are the Articles of the Christian Faith (the Apostles' Creed)? Repeat them. Prove them from Scripture. Repeat the Lord's Prayer. How do you know that it is the Lord's? Where is it to be found?" Three hundred and eleven clergymen were asked these questions, and only fifty answered them all; out of the fifty, nineteen are noted as having answered _mediocriter_. Eight could not answer a single one of them; and while one knew that the number of the commandments was ten, he knew nothing else [_English Historical Review_ for 1904 (Jan.), pp. 98 ff.].

378 Sehling, _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des 16ten Jahrhunderts_ (Leipzig, 1902), I. i. 142 ff.

_ 379 Ibid._ I. i. 49.

380 The rites and ceremonies of worship in the Lutheran churches are given in Daniel, _Codex Liturgicus Ecclesiae Lutheranae in epitomen redactus_, which forms the second volume of his _Codex Liturgicus Ecclesiae Universae_ (Leipzig, 1848).

381 The ordinance establishing the Wittenberg Consistory will be found

in Richter, _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des sechszehnten Jahrhunderts_ (Weimar, 1846), i. 367; and in Sehling, _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des 16ten Jahrhunderts_ (Leipzig, 1902), I. i. 200. Sehling sketches the history of its institution, I. i. 55.

382 The first half of the first part of Sehling's _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen des 16 Jahrhunderts_ appeared in 1902, and the second half of the first part in 1904.

383 Cf. article on "Kirchen-Ordnung" in the 3rd edition of Herzog's _Realencyclopaedie fur protestantische Theologie_.

384 Richter, _Die evangelischen Kirchenordnungen_, etc. i. 56 ff.

385 SOURCES: Baazius, _Inventarium Eccles. Sveogothorum_ (1642); Pontoppidan, _Annales ecclesiae Danicae_, bks. ii., iii. (Copenhagen, 1744, 1747).

LATER BOOKS: Lau, _Geschichte der Reformation in Schleswig-Holstein_ (Hamburg, 1867); Willson, _History of Church and State in Norway_ (London, 1903); Watson, _The Swedish Revolution under Gustavus Vasa_ (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1889); Wiedling, _Schwedische Geschichte im Zeitalter der Reformation_ (Gotha, 1882); _Cambridge Modern History_, II. xvii. (Cambridge, 1903).

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