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A History of Spain by Charles E. Chapman

Hispanic American historical review


Methods of entry.]

In the works selected for entry an indication is given of the dates of the first and the latest editions. In the case of translations the date of the original publication in the foreign tongue is also stated. The place of publication is not given for the latest edition if it is the same as that of the first. No attempt has been made to record minor variations in title in different editions, such for example as "Philip the Second" for "Philip II," but striking changes have been noted. The presence of bibliographical apparatus in the works cited is indicated by the abbreviation "Bib," thus enabling the reader to know what are the volumes which may take him to materials not mentioned here. Not only are the books with formal bibliographies or lists of works so characterized, but also those which have fairly ample bibliographical data in the preface. The practice has not been followed, however, where the information as to sources is confined to footnotes, although many writers, Lea for example, have valuable references scattered through their volumes.


Aside from the partial bibliographies in the books listed below and the single periodical mentioned in this section there is no work in English on the bibliography of Spanish history. The bibliographical sections of the _Cambridge medieval history_ and the _Cambridge modern history_ (items

10 and 29 below) will be found particularly helpful. Three works in foreign tongues are worth noting. The bibliography in Altamira's _Historia de Espa?a_ is perhaps the best general list in Spanish. The two-volume _Catalogue de l'histoire d'Espagne et de Portugal_ (Paris. 1883-85) of the Biblioth?que Nationale of Paris, based on the works at the disposition of readers in the great national library at the French capital, is valuable for the older books. The sections on Spain in the German annual bibliography of historical writings, the _Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft_ (published at Berlin since 1880) cover publications since 1878. The only item in English follows:

1. _Hispanic American historical review._ Baltimore. 1918. Quarterly.

This periodical begins publication in February, 1918. Will contain material on Spain and Portugal, including bibliographical notices, though primarily devoted to Hispanic America.


In addition to the items of this paragraph, attention is directed to the works on special subjects, in section IX, many of which range over several or all of the various periods of Spanish history.

2. Dunham, Samuel Astley.... _Spain and Portugal._ 5v. London. 1832[-33]. Takes to the close of the eighteenth century.

3. Hale, Edward Everett, and Susan Hale.... _Spain._ New York, [c 1886].

4. Harrison, James Albert. _Spain._ Boston. [c 1881]. Republished under title _Spain in history_. New York and Akron, O. [1898].

5. Hume, Martin Andrew Sharp. _The Spanish people, their origin, growth and influence._ London and New York. 1901. 1914. Bib.

6. Mariana, Juan de. _The general history of Spain. From the first peopling of it by Tubal, till the death of King Ferdinand, who united the crowns of Castile and Aragon. With a continuation to the death of King Philip III._ Tr. [fr. the Sp. ed. of 1669 or 1670] ed. by Capt. John Stevens. London. 1699. Orig. ed. in Latin. Toledo. 1592. First Sp. ed. Toledo. 1601. Later editions have continuations, all except the first by other writers, bringing the history to the date of publication. Latest Sp. ed. Madrid. 1854.

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