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A History of Spain by Charles E. Chapman

And novels written by Spanish Americans


Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York

The Literary History of Spanish America



The author of this book has made an exhaustive study of the poems, essays, dramas, and novels written by Spanish Americans, and has related them to the political and social history of the several countries. The book makes clear to an English-speaking North American many perplexing peculiarities of his Spanish-speaking neighbor, as they are revealed in his writings. As a chapter is devoted to each nationality, the reader may learn, for example, how the long fight for political freedom waged by the Cuban, as well as the climate in which he lives, has made him totally different from the sober Chilean or the fun-loving Peruvian; or how the gaucho, the cowboy of the Argentine pampas, has lent poesy to the business of cattle raising. Dr. Coester has written an informing book of high literary merit that is indispensable to anybody, business man or scholar, who desires an accurate knowledge of Spanish-American life, characteristics, and habits of thought.


Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York

The Early History of Cuba, 1492-1586



_Cloth, 8vo, $2.00_

This book is the history of Cuba from its discovery by Columbus in 1492, through the year 1586, when Sir Francis Drake, in sailing along the north shore of the island, after his successful raid on other Spanish settlements of the West Indies, closed the first era of the colony's history. Although such a history as this is seldom written from original sources, Miss Wright found it necessary to do so in this case. Through her long residence in Cuba and Spain and the opening up last year of the Archive of the Indies at Seville she had extraordinary facilities for discovering and employing in her narrative hitherto unused and unknown documents and manuscripts. Her work is almost the first serious one from a historical point of view to deal with this period.


Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York

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Typographical errors corrected by the etext transcriber:

nobles duirng the regency=> nobles durng the regency {pg 121}

Explorers wear required by law=> Explorers were required by law {pg 348}

checking inititative and making=> checking initiative and making {pg 418}

Frenchman Chappe d'Auteroche=> Frenchman Chappe d'Autereche {pg 476}

Jahresberichte der geschichtswissenschaft=> Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft {pg 528}

* * * * *


[1] The _Historia_, in four volumes, was first published in the years 1900 to 1911, at Barcelona. It has now reached its third edition,--1913 to 1914. An excellent bibliography eighty-eight pages in length with well over a thousand items is to be found in the fourth volume.

[2] _The founding of Spanish California_ (The Macmillan Company. New York. 1916), chap. IX.

[3] The first and most important social question in the history of the Spanish people, says Altamira, is that of modifying the physical conditions of the peninsula, as the basis of their national development. They have been able to count on the fertility of some regions, the abundant waters of others at some seasons of the year (most of which is lost in the sea, without being utilized), the wealth of subterranean waters in many localities, and the mineral wealth which lends itself also to industrial development. In other words, the problem is that of correcting the unequal distribution of Spain's resources, rather than of a lack of them.

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