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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Frankfurt congregation of English exiles

_Exhorters_ in the Scottish Church, 305.

Faber, Johann, Archbishop of Vienna. See _Heigerlin, Johann_.

Faber, Peter, the Jesuit, 537, 545, 548, 557.

_Face of a Church_, the "Congregation" assumes the, 290.

Fagius (Buechlein), Paul, 358.

Farel, William, at Basel, 39; early life, 39 _n._; called a Lutheran preacher, 16 _n._; at Aigle, 67 _f._, 69; the apostle of French-speaking Switzerland, 67; baptized his converts from Romanism, 68 _n._; organises a band of evangelists, 71 and _n._; at Villingen, 72; sent by Bern to Geneva, 80; in Geneva during the siege, 84; attempt to poison, 84 and _n._; preaches in the cathedral at Geneva, 86; induces the Council of Geneva to abolish the Mass, 88; struggle against the evil morals of the town, 90; character and marriage, 91; joined by Calvin, 102; at the Lausanne _Disputation_, 103; his "congregation," 105 _n._; banished from Geneva, 71 and _n._, 115-124, 12, 45 _n._, 97, 109, 118 _ff._, 143.

Feckenham, Abbot of Westminster 400 _n._

Ferdinand of Austria, and the excommunication of Elizabeth, 1 _n._; on the Protestants in Vienna, 2; and the Anabaptists, 447, 449.

Feria, Count de, Ambassador of Philip of Spain, 388, 400.

Ferrar, Robert, Bishop of St. David's, 378.

Ferrara, Renee, Duchess of, 101, 505.

Ferriere, Sieur de la, 165.

Ficino, Marsiglio, and Marguerite of Navarre, 137.

Flag of the Swiss Confederacy, 21.

_Flying Squadron._ See _Escadron_.

Fontainebleau, Edict of, 147; 184 _f._

Foxe, Edward, Bishop of Hereford, 340 _f._

Foxe, John, the Martyrologist, 332.

Francis I. of France, alternately protects and persecutes the Reformers, 143 f., 145, 147 _ff._; Calvin's letter to, 147; founds the "Royal Lectureships" at Paris, 534 _f._

Francis of Assisi, 506 _ff._, 527.

Franciscans and the Reformation, 305.

Franciscans, reformation among the, 508 _f._

Frankfurt congregation of English exiles, 287; 20.

_Frankfurt Conference_, 124.

_Frankfurt Fair_, 18.

Frederick, Elector of the Palatinate, becomes a Calvinist, 3, 4 _n._

Fregoso, Fred., Archbishop of Salerno, 505, 510.

Freiburg, Swiss Canton, strongly Romanist, 43, 65, 75 _n._, 76, 84; 21.

_Frenchman, this (iste Gallus)_, 102 and _n._, 153.

Friesland, East, an Anabaptist place of refuge, 238.

Forest Cantons, and the Reformation, 41, 50; at war with Zurich, 49; 22.

Froben, printer at Basel, 27.

Froment, Antoine, at Villingen, 72; in Geneva, 74 _f._; his wife a preacher, 74 _n._; contest with Furbiti, 78 _f._; during the siege of Geneva, 84.

Furbiti, Guy, Romanist preacher in Geneva, 78 _ff._

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