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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Justification of the Prince of Orange

_Instruction_, Zwingli's, 35.

_Interim, The Augsburg_, 567.

Irish missionaries in Switzerland, 23.

Isabella of Castile and the Spanish Reformation, 490.

Isoudun, 166.

_Italian heretic Friars_, 386 _n._

Italy, religious condition of, 501 _f._; the peasants, 501; in the towns, 503.

Ivry, Battle of, 218.

James V. of Scotland, 281.

Jarnac, Battle, 194.

Jay, Claude, Jesuit, 537, 556, 557.

Jeanne d'Albret, daughter of Margaret of Navarre, wife of Antoine de Bourbon and mother of Henry IV. of France, declares herself a Protestant, 185; in La Rochelle, 194; consents to the marriage of her son with Marguerite de Valois, the daughter of Catherine de' Medici, 197; 172, 189, 195.

Jeanne de Jussie, chronicler nun of Geneva, 65 _n._; 74 _n._, 79 and _n._, 83 _n._; 117.

Jesuits. See _Company of Jesus_.

Jesuits in France, 608; in Germany, 606.

Jewel, John, Bishop of Salisbury, 391, 402 _n._, 404,

407, 413 and _n._

John Casimir in the Netherlands, 266.

John Frederick of Saxony and Henry VIII., 340, 317.

John George of Anhalt, 3.

Joinville, Chateau of, 190; Treaty of, 207; Prince of, 213.

Jon, Francis du, 249.

_Joyeuse entree_ of Brabant, 246.

Jud, Leo, 111.

_Jurisdictionis potestas_, 332.

_Jus episcopale_ of Civil Rulers, 9.

_Justification of the Prince of Orange_, 258.

_Justification, The Doctrine of_, at the Regensburg Conference, 519 _ff._, 577; at the Council of Trent, 568, 576 _ff._

Kaiser, a Zurich pastor burnt as a heretic in Schwyz, 49.

Kampen, 237.

Kappel, First Peace of, 49; Second Peace of, 51; Battle of, 51; Charter of, 51.

_Kata-Baptists_, 423, 434.

Kessler, Johann, 47.

Kibbenbroick, Gerard, Anabaptist burgomaster of Muenster, 460.

_Kinds_, taking the communion in both, a sign of Protestantism, 20, 399, 405 _n._

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