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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Scottish Liturgy and English alliance

Schwyz, Forest Canton, burnt Pastor Kaiser of Zurich as a heretic, 49; 21 _f._, 48.

Scot, Bishop, 400 _n._

Scotland, and _Heidelberg Catechism_, 4 _n._; preparation for the Reformation, 275; influence of old Celtic Church, 275 _f._; Lollardy in, 276 _f._; Acts of Parliament to suppress Reformation, 281; French or English alliance, 281 _ff._, 294; place in the European situation, 295; English invasion, 298; _Confession of Faith, Book of Discipline, Book of Common Order_, 302 _ff._

Scoto-Pelagian Theology, 474, 570.

Scottish Church and Civil supremacy, 8.

_Scottish Liturgy_ and English alliance, 298; 306.

Scripture, Holy. See _Rule of Faith_.

Sea-Beggars, The, capture Brill, 260; defeat Spanish fleet, 261, 263; relieve Leyden, 264; 201.

Secular control over ecclesiastical matters, 8, 129; in Spain, 489.

Sempach, Battle of, 26.

Seneca, _De Clementia_, 12, 96.

Senlis, Battle of, 214.

Sens, The French Council of, 144.

Seripando, Girolamo, General of the

Augustinian Eremites, on the _Doctrine of Justification_, 578.

Servede (Servetus) Miguel de, _monument expiatoire_ to, 130 _f._; 424 and _n._, 471.

Seville, College at, 491.

_Signa exhibitiva_ and _representativa_, 59.

Simon, Preacher at Aigle, 69.

Simonetta, Luigi, Cardinal, duties at Trent, 590.

Simons, Menno, organised Baptist Churches, 422, 469.

_Sin, Doctrine of_, at the Regensburg Conference, 519 _f._; at the Council of Trent, 575 _f._

Singing, congregational, 105.

Sion, The Bishop of, 68.

_Sixteen, The_, 211, 213, 218.

Sixtus V., Pope, 208 _f._

Socinianism began with a criticism of doctrines, 473; and Humanism, 474; and Scotist theology, 474; its idea of _Faith_, 475; of _Scripture_, 476; God is _Dominium Absolutum_, 477 _ff._; the Atonement superfluous, 478; doctrine of the _Church_, 480 _ff._

Socimians called the _Polish Brethren_, 473.

Soleure, 73.

Solothurn, Swiss Canton, 22.

Somerset, Edward Seymour, Duke of, Lord Protector of England, 283, 299, 352, 359.

Sommieres, Huguenot stronghold, 201.

Sorbonne, The, the theological faculty in the University of Paris, drafts a series of articles against Calvin's _Institutio_, 147; its list of Prohibited Books, 148, 603; 95, 139, 142, 144 _f._, 146.

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