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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Geschichte der schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft Gotha


4: Compare vol. i. pt. i. 42 _ff._]

[Footnote 5: The most complete collection of those Reformed creeds is given in Mueller, _Die Bekenntnisschriften der reformirten Kirche_ (Leipzig, 1903). The most important are the following (the figures within brackets give the pages in Mueller):--

SWITZERLAND.--Zwingli's _Theses_ of 1523 (xvi, 1); _First Helvetic Confession_ of 1536 (xxvi, 101); _Geneva Confession_ of 1536 (xxvi, 111); _Geneva Catechism_ of 1545 [(xxviii, 117) translated in (Dunlop's) _Confessions_, etc., ii, 139].

ENGLAND.--Edwardine _Forty-two Articles_ of 1553, _Thirty-eight Articles_ of 1563, _Thirty-nine Articles_ of 1571 (xlii, 505); _Lambeth Articles_ of 1595 (xliv, 525); _Irish Articles_ of 1615 (xliv, 526).

SCOTLAND.--_Scottish Confession_ of 1560, _National Covenant_ of 1581 [(xxxv, 249), (Dunlop's) _Confessions_, etc., ii. pp. 21 and 103].

FRANCE.--_Confessio Gallicana_ of 1559 (xxxii, 221).

NETHERLANDS.--_Confessio Belgica_ of 1561 (xxxiv, 233); _Netherlands Confession_ of 1566 (xxxv, 935); _Frisian Confession_ of 1528 (xxi, 930).

HUNGARY.--_Hungarian Confession_ of 1562 (xxviii, 376).

BOHEMIA.--_Bohemian Confession_ of 1609 (xxxix, 453).]

[Footnote 6:

It has been suggested that the ecclesiastical jurisdiction which grew out of the Elizabethan settlement of religion in England borrowed not a few characteristics from the Lutheran consistorial courts.]

[Footnote 7: William Farel, a devoted Zwinglian, was called a "Lutheran preacher" by the authorities of Freiburg (Herminjard, _Correspondance_, ii. 205_n._), and the teaching of himself and his colleagues was denounced as the "Lutheran heresy." This was the _popular_ view. Educated and reforming Frenchmen like Lefevre discriminated: they had no great liking for Luther, and admired Zwingli (_ibid._ i. 209_n._).]

[Footnote 8: Peter Tschudi, writing to Beatus Rhenanus from Paris (May 17th, 1519) says: "Reliqui, quod equidem literis dignum censeam, nil superest, quam M. Lutheri opera ab universa eruditorum cohorte obviis ulnis excipi, etiam iis qui minimum sapiunt plausibilia" (Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_, 2nd ed. i. 46). In Nov. 1520, Glareanus wrote to Zwingli that Paris was excited over the Leipzig Disputation; and Bulaeus shows that twenty copies of a pamphlet, entitled _Disputatio inter egregios viros et doctores Joa. Eckium et M. Lutherum_, arrived in Paris on Jan. 20th, 1520 (_ibid._ 62, 63_n._).]

[Footnote 9: A. Rilliet, _Les Origines de la Confederation Suisse: Histoire et Legende_ (Geneva, 1869); J. Dierauer, _Geschichte der schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft_ (Gotha, 1890).]

[Footnote 10: SOURCES: O. Myconius, "Vita Huldrici Zwinglii" (in Neander's _Vitae Quatuor Reformatorum_, Berlin, 1841); H. Bullinger, _Reformationsgeschichte_ (Frauenfeld, 1838-40); Johann Salat, _Chronik der schweizerischen Reformation von deren Anfuengen bis 1534_ (vol. i. _of Archiv fuer schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte_, Solothurn, 1868); Kessler, _Sabbata_ (ed. by Egli, St. Gall, 1902); Strickler, _Actensammlung zur schweizerischen Reformationsgeschichte in den Jahren 1521-32_ (Zurich, 1877-84); Egli, _Actensammlung zur Geschichte der Zuericher Reformation, 1519-33_ (Zurich, 1879); W. Gisi, _Actenstuecke zur Schweizergeschichte der Jahre 1521-22_ (vol. xv. of _Archiv fuer die schweizer. Geschichte_), pp. 285-318; Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_ (Geneva, 166-93); Staehelin _Briefe aus der Reformationszeit_ (Basel, 1887).

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