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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Correspondance des Reformateurs


26: The invitation began: "Nous l'Advoyer, le petit et le grand Conseil de la cite de Berne, a tous et a chascun, spirituelz et seculiers, prelatz, abbes, prevostz, doyens, chanoynes, cures, sacrestains, vicaires prescheurs de la Parolle de Dieu, et a tous prebstres, seculiers ou reguliers, et a tous Noz advoyers, chastellains, prevostz, lieutenans, et tous autres officiers et a tous Noz chers, feaulx et aymes subjectz, et a tous manans et habitans de Nostre domaine et segnorie aux quelz les presentes letres viendront,--Salut, grace et benivolance!

"Scavoir faisons, combien que Nous ayons fait beaucoup d'ordonnance et mandemens publiques, pour la dissension de nostre commune foy Chrestienne, a ce meuz et espoirans, que cela profiteroit a la paix et concorde Chrestienne, comme chose tres utile," etc.; Herminjard, ii. 54.]

[Footnote 27: Cf. _Scots Confession_ of 1560, Art. xix.: "The trew Kirk quhilk alwaies heares and obeyis the voice of her awin Spouse and Pastor."]

[Footnote 28: The _Theses_, in the original German, are printed by Mueller, _Bekenntnisschriften der reformierten Kirche_ (Leipzig, 1903), pp. xviii, 30; and in French by Herminjard in _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_ (2nd ed.), ii. 59, 60.]

[Footnote 29: Sebastian Wagner was born at Schaffhausen in 1476. He studied at Paris under Lascaris, taught

theology in the Franciscan monastery at Zurich, then at Constance. He adopted the Reformation, and, returning to his native town, became its reformer.]

[Footnote 30: Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs_, etc. ii. 95 _n._]

[Footnote 31: Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs_, etc. ii. 55.]

[Footnote 32: _Ibid._ ii. 99 _n._]

[Footnote 33: _Ibid._ ii. 98 _n._]

[Footnote 34: Nicholas de Watteville, born in 1492, was canon of St. Vincent in Bern, protonotary apostolic, prior of Montpreveyres, and provost of Lausanne. He visited Rome in 1517, and there received the Abbey of Montheron; and the year following he was made a papal chamberlain to Pope Leo x. He gave up all his benefices on December 1st, and soon afterwards married Clara May, a nun who had left the convent of Koenigsfeld. He was always a great admirer of William Farel, and often interfered to protect the impetuous Reformer from the consequences of his own rashness. His younger brother, J. J. de Watteville, became Advoyer or President of Bern, and was a notable figure in the history of the Reformation in Switzerland. The family of de Watteville is still represented among the citizens of Bern.]

[Footnote 35: As early as June 15th, 1523, the Council of Bern had issued an ordinance for the preachers throughout their territories, which enjoined them to preach publicly and without dissimulation the Holy Gospel and the doctrine of God, and to say nothing which they could not establish by true and Holy Scripture; to leave entirely alone all other doctrines and discussions contrary to the Gospel, and in particular the distinctive doctrines of Luther. Later (May 21st, 1526), at a conference held between members of the Council of Bern, deputies from the Bernese communes, and delegates from the seven Roman Catholic cantons, it was agreed to permit no innovation in matters of religion. This agreement was not maintained long; and the Bernese went back to their ordinance of June 1523. It seems to have been practically interpreted to mean that preachers might attack the power of the Pope, and the doctrines of Purgatory and the Invocation of Saints, but that they were not to say anything against the current doctrine of the sacraments. Cf. Decrees of the Council of Bern, quoted in Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_, (Geneva, 1878), i. 434 _n._, ii. 23 _n._, also 20.]

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