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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Letter of Farel to Fortunat Andronicus


45: J. A. Gautier, _Histoire de Geneve_ (Geneva, 1896), ii. 349. The nun, Soeur Jeanne de Jussie, in her _Levain du Calvinisme_ (p. 46), says "Au mois de Juin, dimanche matin, le 9, certain nombre de mauvais garcons planterent grands placards en impression par toutes les portes des eglises de Geneve, esquels estoient contenus les principaux poincts de la secte perverse lutherienne"; and another contemporary chronicler says that the placards promised a "grand pardon general de Jesus Christ" (Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 422 _n._).]

[Footnote 46: Their letter said that it was reported that "nonnullos ex Gebennensibus apposuisse certas cedulas inductorias ad novam legem, contra auctoritatem episcopalem, et quod habent libros et promulgant; quod est contra voluntatem D. Friburgensium" (_Ibid._ ii. 421 _n._).]

[Footnote 47: _Ibid._ ii. 424.]

[Footnote 48: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, ii. 425 _n._]

[Footnote 49: Cf. p. 39, _n._]

[Footnote 50: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 22 _f._ Farel preached his first sermon at Aigle on Friday, Nov. 30th, 1526.]

[Footnote 51: _Ibid._ ii. 14, 15.]

[Footnote 52: _Ibid._ ii. 15 _n._]

[Footnote 53: _Ibid._ ii. 31 _n._]


54: Farel seems to have asked his converts to submit to baptism; they were baptized in the presence of the congregation on making a solemn and public profession of their faith.--_Ibid._ 48 _n._]

[Footnote 55: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 105 _n._]

[Footnote 56: _Ibid._ ii. 130, 131.]

[Footnote 57: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 131 _n._]

[Footnote 58: _Ibid._ ii. 137.]

[Footnote 59: M. Herminjard gives a list of their names--Claud de Glantinis, Alexandre le Bel, Thomas ----, Henri Pourcellet, Jean Bosset, Antoine Froment, Antoine Marcourt, Eymer Beynon, Pierre Marmoud, Hugues Turtaz, and perhaps Jean Holard, Pierre Simonin or Symonier, Claude Bigothier, Jean de Bely, Jean Fathon.]

[Footnote 60: Cf. letter of Farel to Fortunat Andronicus, in Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 307.]

[Footnote 61: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 270 _n._]

[Footnote 62: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 365 _n._, 390.]

[Footnote 63: _Ibid._ ii. 347, 372.]

[Footnote 64: _Ibid._ ii. 362 _n._]

[Footnote 65: The ordinance was entitled, _Ordnung wic sich pfarrer und prediger zu Statt und Land Bern, in leer und leben, halten sollen, mit wyterem bericht von Christo, und den Sacramenten, beschlossen im Synodo daselbst versamlet am 9 tag Januarij_--_Anno 1532_. The doctrinal decisions of the Synod are to be found in Mueller, _Bekenntnisschriften der reformierten Kirche_ (Leipzig, 1903), pp. 31 _ff._]

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