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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Footnote 87 Le Levain du Calvinisme


82: Furbiti was released in April 1536 at the request of Francis I. of France. He was exchanged for Antoine Saunier, a Swiss Evangelical in prison in France. Such exchanges were not uncommon between the Protestant cantons and France.--Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. iii. 396 _f._

A full account of the conferences between Farel and Furbiti is given in _Lettres certaines d'aucuns grandz troubles et tumultes nuz a Geneve, avec la disputation faicte l'an 1534_, etc. (Basel, 1588). The booklet is very rare.]

[Footnote 83: Adjoining the house of Baudichon, with one building between them, was a large mansion occupied by the Seigneur de Thorens, a strong partisan of the Reformation. He was a Savoyard, expelled from his country because of his religious principles. He acquired citizenship in Bern. The Bernese, on the eve of their embassy, which reached Geneva on Jan. 4th, had bought this house, and placed M. de Thorens therein, intending it to be a place where the Evangelicals could meet in safety under the protection of Bern. It is probable that in time of special danger the Evangelicals met there for public worship. When the Council of Freiburg objected to Farel's preaching, the Council of Geneva replied that the services were held in the house of the deputies of Bern. Cf. Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ix. 459, _f._, 489 _f._; Jeanne de Jussie, _Le Levain du Calvinisme_, pp. 91, 106, 107 (where the poor nun

describes the various ceremonies of the Reformed cult with all the venom and coarseness of sixteenth century Romanism); Baum, _Proces de Baudichon de la Maisonneuve accuse d'heresie a Lyon, 1534_ (Geneva, 1873), pp. 110, 111; Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, ii. 126 _f._, iii. 196-98.]

[Footnote 84: The poison was placed in some spinach soup, and the popular story was that Farel escaped because he did not like the food; that Froment had seated himself at table to take his share, when news was brought to him that his wife and children had arrived at Geneva--he rose from the table at once to go to meet them, and left the soup untasted. Poor Viret was the only one who took his share, and became very ill immediately afterwards. The prisoner's confession, lately exhumed from the Geneva archives, tells another tale. The woman said that she stuffed a small bone with the poison, and placed it in Viret's bowl; but was afraid to do the same to Farel's because his soup was too clear. Cf. extracts quoted in Doumergue's _Jean Calvin_, etc. ii. 133, 134 _n._]

[Footnote 85: The _Theses_ are given in Ruchat, _Histoire de la Reformation de la Suisse_, iii. 357.]

[Footnote 86: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. iii. 294, 295 _n._]

[Footnote 87: _Le Levain du Calvinisme_, p. 118.]

[Footnote 88: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. iii. 294 _n._]

[Footnote 89: Froment, _Actes et Gestes_, etc. pp. 144-146: "Nous avons les dieux des Prebstres, en voulles vous? et les iectoynt apres cielx" (p. 145).]

[Footnote 90: The minute is given in Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. iii. 424; and the letter of the two Councils written for the information of the Councils of Bern at p. 332.]

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