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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Footnote 94 The minute of Council is quoted in Doumergue


91: Froment, _Actes et Gestes_, etc. pp. 142-144.]

[Footnote 92: The fullest contemporary account of these matters is to be found in _Un opuscule inedit de Farel; Le Resume des actes de la Dispute de Rive de 1535_, published in the 22nd vol. of the _Memoires et Documents publiees par la Societe d'Histoire et Archaeologie de Geneve_. It has been reprinted separately.]

[Footnote 93: The words used by the spokesman of the secular clergy, among whom were the canons of the cathedral, were: "_sua non esse sustinere talia, cum nec sint sufficientes nec sciant_."]

[Footnote 94: The minute of Council is quoted in Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, etc. ii. 147, 148.]

[Footnote 95: For these relations, cf. Durrant, _Les Relations politiques de Geneve avec Berne et les Suisses, de 1536 a 1564_ (1894).]

[Footnote 96: The devout Romanist, Soeur Jeanne de Jussie, testifies, with mediaeval frankness, to the dissolute lives of the Romish clergy: "_Il est bien vray que les Prelats et gens d'Eglise pour ce temps ne gardoient pas bien leurs voeus et estat, mais gaudissoient dissolument des biens de l'Eglise tenant femmes en lubricite et adultere, et quasi tout le peuple estoit infect de cest abominable et detestable peche: dont est a scavoir que les pechez du monde abondoient en toutes sortes de gens, qui incitoient l'ire de Dieu a

y mettre sa punition divine_" (_Le Levain du Calvinisme_, p. 35; cf. minutes of the Council of Geneva at p. 241). Even the nuns of Geneva, with the exception of the nuns of St. Clara, to whom Jeanne de Jussie belonged, were notorious for their conduct; cf. Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. v. 349 _n._]

[Footnote 97: Cf. Wildermuth's letter to the _Council of the Two Hundred_ in Bern, telling that Farel was in prison at Payerne: "Would that I had twenty Bernese with me, and with the help of God we would not have permitted what has happened" (Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 344).]

[Footnote 98: Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, etc. i. 42.]

[Footnote 99: Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, etc. i. 35.]

[Footnote 100: Cordier, Corderius, Cordery, was a well-known name in Scottish parish schools a century ago, where his exercises were used in almost every Latin class. He became a convert of the Reformed faith, and did his best to spread Evangelical doctrines by means of the sentences to be turned into Latin. He followed his great pupil to Geneva, and died there in his eighty-eighth year.]

[Footnote 101: Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, etc. i. 126.]

[Footnote 102: _Corpus Reformatorum_, xlix. p. 121.]

[Footnote 103: I owe this inference to my brother, Professor Lindsay of St. Andrews; he adds that Plautus was greatly studied in the time of Calvin's youth in France.]

[Footnote 104: Cf. his letter to Francis Daniel, where he speaks about the publication of the Commentary; says that he has issued it at his own expense; that some of the Paris lecturers, to help its sale, had made it a book on which they lectured, and hopes _quod publico etiam bono forte cessurum sit_ (Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. ii. 417).]

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