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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Footnote 147 Corpus Reformatorum


136: Bonnet, _Les Lettres francaises de Calvin_, ii. 575, 576.]

[Footnote 137: "A ceste cause, vous instantement, tres-acertes et en fraternelle affection prions, admonestons et requerons que ... la rigueur que tenes aux dits Farel et Calvin admoderer, pour l'amour de nous et pour eviter scandale, contemplans que ce qu'avons a vous et a eulx escript pour la conformite des cerimonies de l'Esglise, est procede de bonne affection et par mode de requeste, et non pas pour vous, ne eulx, constraindre a ces choses, que sont indifferentes en l'Esglise, comme le pain de la Cene et aultres" (Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. iv. 428).]

[Footnote 138: For the letter of Bern to Geneva, and the answer of Geneva, cf. Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. iv. 427-430.]

[Footnote 139: _Ibid._ iv. 165 _n._]

[Footnote 140: The memoir presented to the Synod of Zurich has been printed by Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. v. 3-6, and in the _Corpus Reformatorum_, xxxviii. ii. 190-192. The conclusion prays Bern to drive from their territory ribald and obscene songs and catches, that the people of Geneva may not cite their example as an excuse.]

[Footnote 141: "Wir habent ouch durch Etlich unsere vorordneten uffs ernstlichest mit ihnen reden lassen sich etlicher ungeschigter scherpffe zemaassen und sich by disem unerbuwenem volgk

Cristenlicher sennffmuetigkeit zu beflyssen" (_Corpus Reformatorum_, xxxviii. ii. 193).]

[Footnote 142: The minute of the Council of Bern says: "The Genevans had refused to receive Calvin and Farel. If my lords need preachers, they will keep them in mind" (Herminjard, _Correspondance_, v. 20 _n._).]

[Footnote 143: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. v. 139; _Corpus Reformatorum_, xxxviii. ii. 181.]

[Footnote 144: Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, etc. ii 681 _ff._]

[Footnote 145: _Registres du Conseil_, xxxiv. f., 483, 485, 490 (quoted in Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, ii. 700).]

[Footnote 146: Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_ (Geneva, 1866-93), vi. 365.]

[Footnote 147: _Corpus Reformatorum_, xxxix. (xi.) 114.]

[Footnote 148: _Ibid._ p. 54.]

[Footnote 149: _Ibid._ p. 170.]

[Footnote 150: Herminjard, _Correspondance_, etc. vii. 77.]

[Footnote 151: _Registres du Conseil_, xxxv. f., 324 (quoted in Doumergue, _Jean Calvin_, etc. ii. 710).]

[Footnote 152: For the wonderful influence of Calvin on the French Reformation and its causes, cf. below, pp. 153 ff.]

[Footnote 153: _Articles_ of 1537 in the _Corpus Reformatorum_, xxxviii. i. (x. i.) 5-14; _Ordinances_ of 1541; _ibid._ pp. 15-30; _Ordinances_ of 1561; _ibid._ pp. 91-124; _Institution_, IV. cc. i.-xii.]

[Footnote 154: _Corpus Reformatorum_, xxxviii. i. 121, 122.]

[Footnote 155: _Cambridge Modern History_, ii. 375.]

[Footnote 156: On the one side of the stone is inscribed:

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