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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Die vervollstaendigten Aleander Depeschen


231: Brandt, _The History of the Reformation_, etc. i. 49; cf. _Journal d'un Bourgeois de Paris_, p. 185.]

[Footnote 232: A collection of their _chansons d'amour, jeux-partis, pastourelles, and fabliaux_ will be found in Scheler's _Trouveres Belges_ (Bruxelles, 1876).]

[Footnote 233: _Correspondance de Philippe II. sur les affaires des Pays-Bas_, i. 321, 327, 379; _Correspondance de Guillaume le Taciturne, ii._ 161, 168.]

[Footnote 234: Van der Meersch, _Recherches sur la vie et les travaux des imprimeurs belges et hollandais_, pp. 142-144; cf. Walther, _Die deutsche Bibelueberseztungen des Mittelalters_, p. 652.]

[Footnote 235: Aleander, writing to the Cardinal de' Medici (Sept. 8th, 1520), attributes the spread of Lutheranism in the Netherlands to the teaching of Erasmus and of the Prior of the Augustinians at Antwerp.--Brieger, _Aleander und Luther, 1521; Die vervollstaendigten Aleander-Depeschen_ (Gotha, 1884), p. 249.]

[Footnote 236: Kalkoff, _Die Depeschen des nuntius Aleander_ (Halle a S. 1897), p. 20.]

[Footnote 237: Brieger, _Aleander und Luther; Die vervollstaendigten Aleander-Depeschen_, pp. 249, 252, 262.]

[Footnote 238: Graphaeus' appeal to the Chancellor of the Court of Brabant is printed in full in Brandt's _History of the

Reformation ... in the Low Countries_ (London. 1720), i. 42.]

[Footnote 239: Wackernagel, _Das deutsche Kirchenlied von der aellesten Zeit bis an zu Anfang des xvii. Jahrhunderts_, iii. 3.]

[Footnote 240: Brandt, _History of the Reformation in the Low Countries_ (London, 1720), p. 51.]

[Footnote 241: The history of the struggle with the Anabaptists of the Netherlands is related at length by S. Blaupot ten Cate in _Geschiedenis der Doopsgezinden in Friesland_ (Leeuwarden, 1839); _Geschiedenis der Doopsgezinden in Groningen_ (Oberijssel, 1842); _Geschiedenis der Doopsgezinden in Holland en Gelderland_ (Amsterdam, 1847). A summary of the history of the Anabaptists is given in Heath's _Anabaptism_ (London, 1895), which is much more accurate than the usual accounts.]

[Footnote 242: Cf. _Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII._, IV. iii. 2685 (_Halket to Tuller_).]

[Footnote 243: Cf. below, pp. 432 _f._]

[Footnote 244: Cf. i. 96 _ff._]

[Footnote 245: Several references to the Anabaptists of the Low Countries are to be found in the _Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII._ Hackett, writing to Cromwell, says that "divers places are affected by this new sect of 'rebaptisement,'" vii. p. 136. He tells about the shiploads of emigrants (pp. 165, 166), and says that they were so sympathised with, that it was difficult to enlist soldiers to fight against them; that the Regent had sent 10,000 ducats to help the Bishop of Muenster to crush them (p. 167); and a wild report was current that Henry VIII. had sent money to the Anabaptists of Muenster in revenge for the Pope's refusing his divorce (p. 185).]

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