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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Relatifs a l'histoire de l'Ecosse Bannatyne Club


271: Mueller, _Die Bekenntnisschriften der reformirten Kirche_ (Leipzig, 1903), p. 233; Schaff, _The Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches_, 383.]

[Footnote 272: _Ibid._ p. 682.]

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LATER BOOKS: D. Hay Fleming, _Mary Queen of Scots from her birth until her flight into England_ (London, 1897), _The Scottish Reformation_ (Edinburgh, 1904), and _The Story of the Scottish Covenants_ (Edinburgh, 1904); P. Hume Brown, _John Knox_ (London, 1895), and _George Buchanan_ (Edinburgh, 1890); MacCrie, _Life of Knox_ (Edinburgh, 1840); Grub, _Ecclesiastical History of Scotland_ (Edinburgh, 1861); Cunningham, _The Church History of Scotland_ (Edinburgh, 1882); Lorimer, _Life of Patrick Hamilton_ (Edinburgh, 1857), _John Knox and the Church of England_ (London, 1875).]

[Footnote 274: Cf. _Cambridge Modern History_ (Cambridge, 1903), ii. 551-58.]

[Footnote 275: _Rotuli Scotiae_, i. 808, 815, 816, 822, 825, 828, 829, 849, 851, 859, 877, 881, 886, 891, 896, ii. 8, 20, 45, 100.]

[Footnote 276: Wyntoun, _Orygynale Cronykil_, ix. c. xxvi. 2773, 2774.]

[Footnote 277: For a collection of these references, cf. _The Scottish Historical Review_ for April 1904, pp. 266 _ff._ Purveys revision of Wiclifs _New Testament_ was translated by Murdoch Nisbet into Scots. It is being published by the Scottish Text Society, _The New Testament in Scots_, i. 1901, ii. 1903. The translation was made about 1520.]

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