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A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)

Footnote 294 Calvin to Knox April 23rd


278: Row, _History of Kirk of Scotland from the year 1558 to August 1637_ (Edinburgh, 1842), p. 6.]

[Footnote 279: _Act. Parl. Scot._ ii. 295.]

[Footnote 280: Hay Fleming, _The Scottish Reformation_, p. 12.]

[Footnote 281: _Act. Parl. Scot._ ii. 341.]

[Footnote 282: Luther says so himself; cf. letter to Lange of April 13th, 1519; De Wette, _Dr. Martin Luthers Briefe, Sendschreiben_, etc. (Berlin, 1825-28) i. 255; and Herminjard, _Correspondance des Reformateurs dans les pays de langue francaise_ (Geneva and Paris, 1866-97), i. 47, 48.]

[Footnote 283: These theses were translated from the Latin into the vernacular by John Firth, and published under the title of _Patrick's Places_. They are printed in Foxe's _Acts and Monuments_, and by Knox in his _History of the Reformation in Scotland; The Works of John Knox collected and edited by David Laing_ (Edinburgh, 1846-64), i. 19, _ff._ For Patrick Hamilton, cf. Lorimer, _Patrick Hamilton, the first Preacher and Martyr of the Scottish Reformation_ (Edinburgh, 1857).]

[Footnote 284: Buchanan, _Rerum Scoticarum Historia_, xiv. (p. 277 in Ruddiman's edition).]

[Footnote 285: _Act. Parl. Scot._ ii. 371, ii. 443.]

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and edited by David Laing_ (Edinburgh, 1846-64), i. 218.]

[Footnote 287: _The Works of John Knox_, etc. i. 125-45.]

[Footnote 288: _The Works of John Knox_, etc. i. 192.]

[Footnote 289: Dr. Hay Fleming has settled the vexed question of the date of Knox's birth in his article in the _Bookman_ for Sept. 1905, p. 193; cf. _Athenaeum_, Nov. 5th and Dec. 3rd, 1904.]

[Footnote 290: _Works of John Knox_, etc. i. 349.]

[Footnote 291: Calderwood, _The History of the Kirk of Scotland_ (Edinburgh, 1843-49) i. 280-81.]

[Footnote 292: Lorimer, _John Knox and the Church of England_ (London, 1875), pp. 98 ff. The rubric is to be found in _The Two Liturgies with other Documents set forth by Authority in the reign of King Edward the Sixth_ (Cambridge, 1842), p. 283. The volume is one of the Parker Society's publications.]

[Footnote 293: The questions will be found in the volumes, _Original Letters_, published by the Parker Society (Cambridge, 1847), p. 745; and in _The Works of John Knox_, etc. iii. 221.]

[Footnote 294: Calvin to Knox (April 23rd, 1561); Calvin to Goodman (April 23rd, 1561); _The Works of John Knox_ etc. vi. 124, 125; cf. Calvini Opera (Amsterdam, 1667), ix. _Epistolae et Responsa_, p. 150.]

[Footnote 295: _The Works of John Knox_, etc. i. 251; D. Hay Fleming, _The Story of the Scottish Covenants in Outline_ (Edinburgh, 1904), p. 6.]

[Footnote 296: _The Works of John Knox_, etc. i. 273.]

[Footnote 297: For the Covenants of the Scottish Church, cf. D. Hay Fleming, _The Story of the Scottish Covenants in Outline_ (Edinburgh, 1904).]

[Footnote 298: Cecil, writing to Throckmorton in Paris (July 9th, 1559), says that in Scotland "they deliver the parish churches of altars, and receive the service of the Church of England according to King Edward's book" (_Calendar of State Papers, Elizabeth, Foreign, 1558-59_, p. 367).]

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